Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Another Little Update

Another letter from Elder Blackford! He’s doing great and is studying harder than ever. He’s learning to really love the food, and says beans and rice are very normal to him now. He told us a little more about what he’s seen outside the MTC. He says,

The city of São Paulo is HUGE—everywhere you see it is just skyscrapers, and it goes on for ever and ever. People are super friendly, and drive like they have no value to their lives. Motorcyclists don’t care if they are driving on a road, in the middle, or on the sidewalk, and when we go to the temple we are terrified for our lives to drive for an hour.

Elder Blackford said he learned that the temple is not actually in his mission, but that he will get to visit the temple every 3 months or so, and is excited that he will still get to go on a regular basis. He misses everyone, but doesn’t seem sad about it. He ends his letter saying, “I’ll be honest, I am just loving it here.” We wouldn’t have it any other way.

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