Monday, May 7, 2012

April 23rd Letter

This letter from Elder Blackford was a little on the short side. The reason why? “So let’s see, no questions for this week so it’s hard to know what to talk about...” This means we need help with coming up with questions!! Please, please, please post questions! We don’t always think of a ton. I know enough people read this that we should be able to come up with several questions every week!

As far as the “chain reaction” group goes here’s the update:
So the Baptism of Maria Aparacida didn’t happen, and we knew ahead of time. During the week she got sick…and so she didn’t want to be baptized with all that. However, she purposely diminished all her coffee drinking to one cup a day, and then when we told her that we will try another week, she actually quit. But now she says she will be baptized when her mom gets here, which is in July. She is totally ready and wants to be baptized but refuses without her let’s see how this goes.
Vanessa will be baptized this Saturday though…She watched with us a few baptisms on Saturday and she is excited for her baptism. We are making lots of visits and really working with members, but overall we have dropped a lot of people because they aren’t really progressing so we need to go out and find a ton more.

Since he didn’t have enough questions to get a train of thought going, we got to hear a bunch of random little things from Elder Blackford. One of my favorite relates to one of his favorite things—food! He says “My current diet consists of chocolate banana milk shakes, eggs in many different forms mixed with onions peppers and tomatoes, and of course pancakes. Also I learned the other day how to fry French fries in oil in a pot. So yeah things are going pretty well in the cooking department, only a few things have actually exploded.”

The other plus was his comments on Portuguese!
Portuguese is coming along pretty well; it’s not often that I won’t understand what someone is saying to me when they are talking to me directly in a conversation. Groups of people are still really hard and I am still deathly scared of the phone, but that’s ok I still make calls occasionally, but it is really hard. I am already forgetting English words and its super cool!... It does get weird now, because my dreams are like a 50/50 of Portuguese and English so like everyone back home will start talking Portuguese to me but it’s not weird so it’s like uhh what?
I must say this part did make me smile, because (for those of you who have ever read his school work) his English wasn’t great in the first place! The idea of him coming home and having even worse spelling than before makes me laugh. (Also I would like to remind you guys that I do edit the quotes from Elder Blackford so the sentences actually have periods and the spelling is correct.) It’ll be interesting to see how different it is to hear him speak when he gets home as well.

Although his letter was short, Elder Blackford did send a few more pictures:

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