Sunday, May 13, 2012

Skype Call!

Today we got the chance to talk to Elder Blackford for an hour over Skype!! We were so excited to get to "see" him. He says he is doing great, and honestly, I don't think he misses us that much. But in a good way.

We did have a little issue with timing the chat though, because Elder Blackford told us 1:00 our time, but he didn't realize we're only 4 hours not 5 hours behind. He and Elder Crandall were also a little late because of some issues with the scheduling of a baptism. In the mean time, we talked to the Elder's Quorum first counselor (who was going to let Elder Blackford Skype from his computer). It was way fun, especially since he isn't completely fluent in English, so we were trying to ask questions that both sides would be able to understand and respond to. It was very cool!

When we did finally get to talk to Elder Blackford, it was hilarious to hear him speak, because sometimes he would accidentally say something in Portuguese. I asked if he thinks in Portuguese now, and he says that he switches between English and Portuguese.

We asked him what he would like in a package since we were planning to send one soon, and it wasn't too surprising that he requested Reese's since they don't have peanut butter. He did say that the people down there that have had peanut butter don't really like it, which I thought was interesting!

Elder Blackford thinks Elder Crandall will be moved at the next transfer, and that he will leave the area one or two transfers later. He says their area is probably the smallest in the mission, especially because their ward was just split before he arrived. They have about 80 people there on Sundays. Elder Blackford hopes that he gets the chance to serve in one of the few rural areas in his mission at some point, but that most of the areas are in the city.

As far as letters go, for those of you that send them and don't get responses, he is getting the letters and even has written responses, it's just the issue of getting them to the post office. So don't quit writing! He also mentioned that he only seems to get letters from girls, so any of his guy friends that read this better step up and send some letters!

Elder Blackford is doing great, and is definitely where he needs to be. I just want to close with his favorite scripture, because before he left he didn't have one. He says now he has favorite scriptures that vary by subject, but when I asked for his overall favorite he gave me this one:
         O be wise; what can I say more?
                       Jacob 6:12

Here is a picture from the Skype call! Classic Elder Blackford with a silly smile(:


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