Tuesday, September 18, 2012

July 23rd Letter

This letter was just too great for me to add anything to it, so all I did was rearrange the order and edit the sentences so that it made more sense. Here's the transfer!!
So...dun dun dun...the news on where is Elder Ravishlygoodlooking Blackford.

So I was transferred to Miracatu! That’s right folks! I am transferred to literally middle-of-nowhere São Paulo. It’s a small funky little town by some mountains. Also we have another city…like 30 minutes away...and it is part of our BRANCH! You heard it folks, there’s like 20 active members. Sweet. So I still don’t get a chapel...darn...were in a house that the church rents. It has enough room to hold us it’s a cute little old house that’s super moldy and falling apart. But cute.

But anyways WOW it’s crazy here. So it’s nothing like the city, houses are way spread out and stuff, and also it’s freakin’ hot. It’s literally the middle of winter and its high 70s low 80s every day. I will DIE if I am here during summer. Also bugs bugs bugs.

Saturdays are awesome here, there’s a big uhh...what’s the word... uhh... I don’t know but it’s like lots of people with tents selling stuff on the street you know? Like with foods and weird things and whatnot. The city lights up Saturday morning. I went nuts on my street contacts, so let’s see how they go. Sundays its dead as well, nothing is open on Sunday, not even the supermarket. I guess that’s a little less wickedness is this town. Iniquity is rampant.

Also everything shuts down at 6. And everyone goes home and drinks! Woo! But this is good cause pretty much everyone at home to teach, well not good when they are drinking but yeah.

Hmm what else, man this place is so tight. It’s amazingly BEAUTIFUL. There are mountains and rivers all around us, and everything is super old, you really get that old town feeling you know?…I think there’s a mail place, I have a 5/7 surety. And if it is true I will start to send a lot of letters, because my companion just wants to sleep all day so I’ll just write letters! So it will be good. Communication with the rest of the mission might be minimal, but we will see how it goes. We’re in the middle of nowhere but it’s not Courage the Cowardly Dog nowhere so that’s good.

My companion is Elder J. Oliviera. He is also from the super duper north of Brazil where everything is hotter than the red hot chili peppers. But here’s the kicker...we were both transferred at the same time! So we are doing what’s called "opening an area" because there were sisters here, but now there’s not.

Sunday we were all at church you know and BAM President walked in. Yeah, President Pinho our mission president. He spent some good time talking to the branch pres., and then he talked with me and Elder Oliviera and said that we need to start working our butts off here because we have potential. He said he spent a lot of time thinking of what he would do with this area, remove sisters, put another sister, put elders...close the area...he didn’t know what. He knew that this area had to explode and so he was wanting to put Zone Leaders here so that way he would know lots of work would be done, but in the end the Spirit told him to put me here...oh boy...

So we already talked a bunch to the president about the plans for the branch. This business of 2 cities doesn’t float people’s boats, and there’s a lot of arguments about this, activities in one city and so half the members don’t go...yada yada. This mainly is a problem because this area is dirt poor. Both cities used to be Japanese reservation camp thingys. So most of the people look Japanese...so I fit right in! Yes! Until the last name of our branch president is Fokuda. Anyways yeah, so our goal is really to get stuff set up to get more members, and split the branch into 2. But it’s kinda difficult because it’s disorganized...Step #1 is to organize everything, the list of members needs lots of fixing, and due to lack of members and stuff I, Elder Blackford, have taken it upon myself to organize the list and visit everyone on it. Woo woo! This really also fits in with the whole not knowing anyone and having 3 investigators now because we just started and all. But also to help the ward and reactivate families because that’s always super tight.

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