Sunday, September 16, 2012

July 2nd Letter

Q: Does Brazil like to do fireworks with their holidays? Is there one that’s more fireworks focused?
A: Yes! Every Sunday at approx. 7:30 a soccer team wins and fans of that team light off fireworks and run in the streets screaming. So as far as firework focused, it’s every day. There isn’t a specific holiday like 4th of July for fireworks; you just light them off when you want.

Q: Any idea of how many kids are in the Primary?
A: Yeah, there were about 20, now there are 24.

Q: What month is the coldest there?
A: June and July! It gets pretty cold at night these days!

Q: Oh so did the Gina’s family get baptized? Waiting for details on that.
A: Yes they did! Ahh it was awesome...So awesome! So we had 12 baptisms in our zone/stake. Our president came to the baptism and he even baptized someone in another ward! We had 11 investigators and Breno (member family) and I baptized Breno, Gabriel and Uriel. Elder Lopes baptized Gina, Italo and Ezeqiel. Wow it was so great! The chapel was STUFFED and everyone was going nuts; the water heater broke so the water was ICE cold! Everyone’s teeth were chattering when they left the water. But really it was super great. We took tons and tons of photos! It was really a super great night, and Elder Summerhaze is our zone leader (remember running into his family at the temple in Seattle?). So anyways it was super great, and he was there too they had 2 baptisms. But it was so cool to have the president speak and to have tons of people there it was just so cool! Also I did the confirmation of Uriel, it was the second time that I have done a blessing in any form ever...I still have never done it in English, and only 2 times in Portuguese. I was super-duper nervous. Elder Lopes, Vagner (our ward mission leader) and I got up to the front, Vagner did one, then Elder Lopes, and then I was like ahhhhh! But yeah it was good I guess. I didn’t need help I knew what to say like the important parts but still. But I have lost the nervousness to do baptisms; I’m already used to that. Friday we also had interviews with the president… he said I’m doing good. =D

Q: Who is next on the baptism prep list?
A: We have a LOT of people on the list, but few of them are really following up on our commitments, so we will probably cut a lot of them. No one super big yet, the only one would be Maria who works with a few members in front of our house practically—they sew stuff. She is progressing the most, but don’t know why she didn’t go to church. We also have Manuel, our super investigator. It’s been like 6 weeks since we started teaching him, and he already finished the Book of Mormon. He is starting again, and he has almost read half of the Gospel Principles book now.

Apparently not everything is going perfectly, but Elder Blackford still maintains a great attitude and focuses on the positive things. He says:
Also it’s been pretty frustrating with Vanessa, she has lost a lot of desire with church stuff, but she always had problems learning and she kind of uses it as an excuse, so she was like still buying stuff on Sundays. We taught her you can’t do this 3 times. Then this Sunday at church she was like “I’m heading home I’m tired,” after the 2nd hour and she was like “I’m going to get some food at the market.” I was like “No you’re not!” and explained it to her she was like “I know I know!” and then “I was like good, so you won’t go to the market?” she said “Yes I won’t go.” Well...she still went... so were working with the bishop and a few other members to help her because at this rate in 2 months she will be completely inactive. Elder Lopes said he doesn’t like her, and refuses to visit her so this next transfer you can count out the missionaries...frustrating. But at the same time there is only so much that you can do.

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