Tuesday, December 25, 2012

August 13th Letter

Elder Blackford reporting!

This week we got back to the usual Q&A:

Q: The church map shows your building location as a bit out of town …is that correct? Just wondering if the map is correct.
A: Uhhh nope, so go back to the city of Miracatu and then find the hospital Pronto Socorro which would be ready relief in English and then literally the church house is right behind the hospital--can’t miss it.
Speaking of maps... so I have super exciting news that I’m sure only Dad really would think is cool. So on Wednesday we went to Iguape which is another branch in our district, and like its right by the ocean, and there’s an island that is part of the branch area there which is called "Ilha Cumprida" and I was there waiting for a bus! While I was at the intersection a Google maps car passed by and took a photo you know, the 360 photo, and so I will figure out the intersection name then pass it to you guys cause I’M ON GOOGLE MAPS! Its freakin' awesome!

Q: Do you really have just a couple dozen members in the branch? 
A: Well Sunday if you take out the missionaries and our investigators, we had 21 people at church, which is less than a couple dozen. So yup, really that’s all we have active. As far as people inactive we know most of the inactives that have a chance at returning and slowly are working with them.

Q: You said there are lots of bugs? What kind of bugs? More than what you saw last area?
A: Well the bugs in Brazil are different; they are weird lookin'. But when I say bugs here [in this area], I mean different bugs than are problematic like in the city. There it’s cockroaches, spiders and weird stuff that really isn’t a daily threat. Here it is mosquitoes and there’s this little bug, that you can’t see that bites and pricks at you, and so at night they swarm you, it sucks you can’t do anything, and because they are unique here and different repellent doesn’t work. What joy.

Q: What about critters in the countryside? Do you know what’s out there?
A: Let’s see...well there is a LOT of bananas. But only pretty normal animals that I know. The only thing that is super different would be all the freakin’ armadillos. YEY ARMADILLOS! Yeah it’s sad how some things you get used to and the novelty wears off. But yeah... I found an abandoned shell the other day, poor shell it was lonely.

Q: Do you have a phone to talk to people at the mission office?
A: Yeah man for sure. Every set of missionaries has a cell phone; it’s like rule, or even a commandment. "Thou shalt be with thy cellphone always." And like the plan we have is that we can call any missionary or the office and all that always, and then we have our super crappy minutes plan for the rest of everyone.

So yup yup, let’s get the ball rollin' with super-duper updates.
So church went by good, WILBER our super-duper elect person of awesomeness went to church again! And yeah. So let me give y'all more rundown on this man.

So every day he has to go to Santos to study--that’s where his college is. Santos is the only local perto that has marine biology to study, and that’s what he wants to do. The only problem is that Santos is like 3 hours away...but he does the trip every day. Anyways so we can only teach him Saturday afternoons, he literally isn’t home during the week. I have no idea how we managed to run into him. But anyways we asked him how stuff was, during the week we left a Book of Mormon at his house and all. And he said he read and liked it and was excited for church. So we asked him if he had received any answer to his prayers. He explained as following,

Well kinda I think I got an answer, you see Friday night I had a dream that I met some guy. I just remember that he was like someone special, and then Saturday when you guys showed up, I realized that Elder Blackford has the same mark on his forehead as the man in my dream (you don’t even know how freaked out I was knowing that someone dreamed about my brains bulging birthmark but yeah). So that’s why I knew I needed to do what you guys said, and then Saturday night I prayed and all, and I had another dream that I was going to church but I was late so I was like running, and then I woke up and realized I was late for church! So I got dressed fast and ran to church.

So...yeah? Pretty freaky huh? Pretty much everyone has dreams that give revelations. It really drives me nuts, even members talk about before they were members about when they had dreams about some pastor in their church would come and heal them, and he did and they got healed.

But anyways, still working hard, helping my companion work with obedience. So y’all remember my alarm clock? Yeah I left it running 6:30 until 8 this morning along with Mormon Tabernacle blaring from my iPod while my companion refused to get up, but I had a great breakfast! So yeah...ugh.

But this week should be fun and all! We don’t have too many other people, but Wilber is everything goes well the 25th we will have a baptism.
And like President Pinho said to me in this week’s letter (translated for you guys)
"You are THE MAN! So now Elder Blackford put fire on your area and put water on the elect. You’re great!"

Let’s go put fire on people and then water!

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