Tuesday, December 25, 2012

August 6th Letter

I’m pretty freaked out that I have 8 months already, I was thinking how I don’t really have  "issues" with the language now and  I have a solid missionary vocabulary, but I need to keep working to expand it though. I know the rules and know what to do, and yeah I’m at the point where I could train an American. That would be legit!

Well Wednesday was a day of awesomeness, we had the whole mission get together to celebrate the 189 baptisms we had in July, of which I participated in 8. There was a lot of enthusiasm; President getting us pumped to keep working and everyone rejoicing in seeing other companions and what not. I talked a ton with Elder Crandall, Elder Lopes, Elder Firl and Elder Longley. Elder Firl was laughing because Saturday his ex-girlfriend who dumped him during the mission got married. Elder Crandall loves his new area. He is by the temple. The chapel is 5 stories; the 5th story is the soccer/basketball area so it’s kinda ridiculous. Elder Lopes said that Cassia was baptized! That was the investigator who went to church for the first time in a house haha. And that the family of Leticia is going to be baptized or I think was baptized Saturday, and that Manuel who read the Book of Mormon has read it again, and Gospel Principles and Our Search for Happiness. He needs to get married and baptized!

So yeah lots of stuff. We had a slide show with the baptisms of the month, I appeared several times woo woo! There was also records of which groups baptized the most and did contacts the most and all that and it was good to inspire everyone else.

Anyways we’re working super hard in our area! After the party and whatnot there was a 2 hour training meeting for the leaders, because we live far away and take a taxi and all, we had to stay so we got to sit in on the training meeting. It was exactly what my companion needed to hear. President busted down on how we need to be examples for others, and the importance of work. Since Wednesday our work rate increased a TON. We ended this week with 9 people marked for baptism, with 5 more that we marked but we already cut them. We also knocked lots of doors and planned a lot better. It’s been super awesome to work again with someone motivated. We even had an investigator go to church by themselves! Let’s call him our super-elect. 

His name is Wilber. Saturday we were trying to find the road of a contact, and we knocked on his door to ask directions, he didn’t know [where the road was] but we were like “Hey can we share a message?” We did our normal the gospel of Jesus Christ and then invited him to be baptized. He accepted, and we have been having good success with this part with lots of people, and we asked if he felt ready would he be baptized on the 25th, and he was like “Yup of course.” We were like wow! We invited him to church on Sunday, and when I went to explain where it is he said "I know, I’ve passed in front of it, 9 o’clock right? I’ll go tomorrow" and he WENT!

He’s 19 and he’s already a substitute teacher, he has taught half the youth in our branch, he is super smart sciency guy and loves Harry Potter. So anyways were going to be passing by his house a lot this week.

Anyways that my update for the week!

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