Tuesday, December 25, 2012

July 30th Letter

Wow its super hot here.

Anyways so this week went by super well, we had a baptism of Pamela! She is 18, and she was already marked for baptism 2 times, but she didn’t show up. She had some problems, but I don’t know exactly. But we talked with her a bunch, and she said she really wanted to be baptized she just had some things to work out first. And we worked 'em out. We also figured out the big reason. She has a fear of water. Like a super big fear! By the way our little chapel house doesn’t have a baptism font; it’s a 3 ft. blow up pool haha. So she picked me to baptize her, and we get in the pool (super-duper freezing cold by the way, and it was at night and a little rainy) and anyways so she gets in and is like “NO! WAIT!” and she started to freak out and was like “I don’t know if I can do this!” and “Please don’t drop me!” She was really super scared. I was like “I’m not going to drop you, it will be fast.” After like 3 minutes of standing in the freezing cold water she was ready, and we had the baptism! But she was so scared she didn’t do anything, normally the whole bending the knees and all helps, but she was too scared to move, so she ended up being way heavy but I made it! Whew!

Her family is super cool, well part of it. So she lives in her own house next to her aunt and then the rest of her family. It’s all behind the same gate; the houses are like 5 feet away from each other. But her aunt and cousin were baptized recently, and we are helping them too. Because of legal complexities we can’t baptize the other child of Christina (aunt of Pamela) who is 10. But she is going to church and will even give a talk in primary next week. There’s only like 7 kids in the primary so...yeah.

Things are going pretty well, I guess. We had gotten about 6 or 7 people/families to teach, but Saturday and Sunday we cut all of them because no one really accepted baptism, and we don’t want to waste time with wishy washy people after 2 visits.

Let’s see so we have almost literally 0 investigators right now. It’s kinda rough. Things are getting along o.k. with my companion. We get along really well as companions and as friends. But as far as missionary work...it’s a bit different. He doesn’t really like to plan, or knock on doors. So the rate of finding investigators is close to 0 at his pace. Its more stand in the road, think for a few min, go to a members house, ask for reference, eat, get more food, bring food to house, use bathroom, think which member next and repeat. Which for me doesn’t work too well, it’s good to visit members, but 15 minute visits with scripture message is more my thing, not a snack at every one.

But don’t worry we’re going to get it all together to really work, because I do most of our planning. It will be easy because I know the area and the names of roads already and he doesn’t so yeah I have already planned how we will find new investigators. 

At the same time we all have different problems. I think that’s the reason we are companions. Elder Oliveira was baptized when he was 11. He is the only member in his family. His dad is a drunk, who spends his days with a different woman every week. His mom has the same attitude. He doesn’t really know his dad and his mom doesn’t know how to read or write. He lived with his grandparents who have since passed on. So yeah it’s really good that he is on the mission right now and I’m glad to be able to help him. P-day he isn’t as excited as most to use the internet because he doesn’t really have anyone who writes much to him. So yeah that’s how it flows.

But anyways I am loving this area, the people in our branch told me that "I was grown up trained to be funny" and that "I’m even funnier because I say everything wrong." So I’m pretty much awesome.

Also quarta feira we have the whole mission getting together because we reached our goal of 180 baptisms this month! So I’m off to mix and mingle and eat food!

Anyways that’s this week’s update with a woop woop!

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