Wednesday, January 16, 2013

August 20th Letter

Whhhheew! What a week this was! Things were happenin’ left and right. So, let’s see, to start things off we did the interview for Wilber Saturday, he passed! He still isn’t sure if he wants to be baptized yet, but we talked to him and decided he hasn’t read enough of the Book of Mormon and prayed specifically enough, so that’s what we’re focusing on to get him ready for Saturday! But when we went to do his interview he missed the bus, and so like we just knocked doors and stuff, we ended up meeting his neighbors and teaching them (mom and daughter) and they went to church! And they might even be baptized, the daughter, Janiaina really liked church, so yeah. She’s 18.

Today the email is a little late cause we had a zone activity out in Registro. We went fishing. It was fun...for everyone but me. So we have 3 Brazilians, 2 Americans and one half and half in our zone. (Elder Peterson lived in Brazil from 2-16 then moved to Utah and so his first language is Portuguese and his English is almost perfect) but the Brazilians had never fished before with a reel, and how to put a worm on a hook. And so I taught them how and all that.  My companion was trying like 20 mins to untangle the mess he made, couldn’t cast so Ii helped him, he finally casts, 30 seconds later he has a fish. So I was the only one without a fish...and Elder Laughlin, the other American, but he only tried like 40 mins. I tried 4 hours. It was dumb. But hey we ate fish and had a good time. Questions? Let's go!
Q: What's new with investigators?

A:  Like I just said - got that family who lives by Wilber, and then we have our superfrustratingbeatyourselfinthefacewithasuperlargestick situation. So we have Damiana, a member who she won’t let her kids be baptized (8 and 9) and we can’t get her to change her mind, and it drives us NUTS. We even read DC 62 which told her she’s sinning because of it and she didn’t care. But anyways  - so we talked to her the other day, and her friend was over, who, like her, is from Bolivia. We invited her to church, she came. After sacrament meeting (which is last here) I talked to her and invited her to be baptized, I had to talk simple and slow because she doesn’t speak Portuguese really well yet, and she accepted. Then Sister Damiana was like nooo, Elder, don’t talk about baptism yet leave her be. She doesn’t understand. She’s not ready, she’s just visiting, and I almost blew up at her about preventing someone from being baptized again. We will meet with them Saturday to teach, and I’m hoping it will go well, cause if not I don’t know what we can do. Damiana isn’t super strong, so yeah but uggh.
Q: How is your companion doing? How are you doing working with him?

A: He is doing better ish. Some days go by really well, some I feel like I’m dragging him behind me. But it has gotten better with some things, others still haven’t improved, but at the same time I found something interesting. At the same time when 2-3 times a week I have a lecture with him on the 3 parts of being a missionary (obedience, planning, follow up) and all that, he told me that I’m his favorite companion. I find it weird that his favorite would be the one who has pulled on his foot the most, but he said the way I do it is not like a know-it-all kinda thing and that I really want to help. but yeah...
Q: What is your bishop's name?
 A: The branch president is president Silva. (that would be like the last name of Smith)
Q: What is the name of the street you live on? Tell us more about your apartment? Is it an apartment?
A: Yeah I’ll look up the actual road name this week, it’s an apartment, 3rd story. super tiny, and yeah I clean up lots of messes every day.
Q: Do kids in this town get more education than city kids?
A: Yeah I think so, it’s a little better here, though our city has more teen pregnancies that any other city in São Paulo. Statistics show that over 80% of women here will be pregnant before the age of 19. Woot woot for sin city.
I have over 15  [scripture mastery scriptures] already memorized in portuguese =]

Oh! I got Erin’s letter and one from Keagan too. And the one from Keagan that had the perfume thing...yeah it got stolen. I was kinda excited, it’s like the first time I’ve been robbed. But I got the letter already opened and they took the perfumes.

All in all I am doing good, learning lots, And I have really learned to love to work, and eat!

Actually I eat less then when I was’s sad.
But yeah love and miss you guys!

Love Elder Blackford

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