Thursday, January 31, 2013

November 12th Letter

Can I get a woooot wooot for our favorite popstar....Paula Fernandez! Ha ha… so she is the Brazilian Taylor Swift, pretty much literally, and this Thursday she’s having a show in...Miracatu!!!!!!!!!!

Sadly, the Elders will not be able to attend, but it is the truth.
I heard lots about the election. Basically what came across here is that now in the United States "drugs are legal" but hey, that’s how things fly.
This week was fun, I think. We had some good experiences. We had a race down the "big stairs" by the "big hill" and Vinicius bit the dust, say bye bye to those jeans. Luckily he didn’t fall the 600 some odd steps, it was only like 7. And then we got to run back up them, this time with groceries.
Let’s see, we had a super good week because Wednesday we were knocking doors and we talked with this lady, and she was like, well, I don’t know and we were like, it’s a quick message! She let us in and her husband was there and he was all, hey, you know what we will go to church! And we were like ok! Let’s go Sunday! We passed by Sunday, and everyone was ready to go! They loved church, and they are married...LEGALLY!! Only 3 months ago they married on the papers in the cartório (I don’t know the name of the place where you do legal documents in English anymore) but have been together some 12 odd years. They have 2 kids, 10 and 6 with a baby in the belly.
We’re suuuper excited to teach them, they are a really good family and super duper smart. So ahhhh, please baptism!
These days were super hot. It’s like just sitting down your entire body just gets wet with sweat, uggghhh! This might be my last week here in Miracatu ("the land of the good people" in the native Indian language.
Everyone is starting to work super hard for our.....NATAL MILLLLLLLLLLLLLL (Christmas onethousaannnnnddddddddddddd) Our mission is going to reach it, we’re all working on getting a huge teaching group. So each duplo of missionaries has to baptize 13 people in December. It’s tough, it’s rough, but were better!
I’m pumped. If we get over 960 we will break Brazil record - which was set a long time ago when you could baptize people the day they went to church like Sunday night baptize, but the retention rate was super duper slim. But were gonna do it! Gotta be animated!
I can’t believe I’m almost at a year. This transfer next week I will have the exact amount of time that Elder Crandall had when we became companions, so like...IM OLD!
Things are going alright in our branch. We’re still giving talks almost every week, and we give the classes but hey, it’s all fun. Rocked it up Tuesday with a training meeting with Pres. Pinho. It was legit.
Man, I have been on the serious munchies lately - eating lots, but its good because I’m addicted to fresh pineapple. Due to a lack of knives in our apartment, I have to cut a pineapple open with a butter knife >:[  ---but it’s working out pretty well, me thinks.
I bought a spatula this week.  Wow, I forgot how easy it is to flip eggs with one. A spoon doesn’t quite do the job.
A bus driver gave us a free ride cause we "be a goin’ and a speakin’ the word of God."  He talks funny! But it was nice, and it was a fancy air conditioned traveler’s bus.
Well, that’s about all I have. Well, there’s always more but I can’t remember or I am just super tired out of mind.
Everyone needs to remember, I know that my one year mark and Christmas are close together, but that doesn’t mean my Christmas presents and one year come together as well kkkkkkk? luv uz guyz.
Elder Blackford

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