Wednesday, January 30, 2013

November 5th Letter

(I left some of Elder Blackford's spelling as it appeared originally....his way of emphasizing things  :-)  Also, I didn't correct some of the grammar because it's fun to see him structure English sentences with Portuguese form)

Woo!!! Loved the Halloween pics! Wow. I had forgotten about what my regular clothes were like! Keagan, I’m sure you were stellar.

Hey, don’t forget to send some letters and support to Adam McLain, kkk?
As far as things to send me, I sent a list like a month back on the needs of Elder Blackford. Just that list, but it’s not like important to send asap. Just whenever. Only the shirt and towel would be siiick.
I haven’t received any letters for about a month now, so if someone wrote to me I don’t know. I’m pretty much stranded in bananaland but it’s all going swell. Sounds like things are rockin at home like everything is chill.
As far as the whole election thingy, let’s see who will win president but all in all it never ends up THAT important. Ya gotta know who is in congress as well and which party is dominating over there. And as far as laws in Washington, I’im totally for legalizing marijuana - always have been so I hope it passes. The person who lives under us smokes weed, at exactly 9:30 every night, so normally during the end of our planning session were a little high but hey gives us munchies and we sleep well.
This week was a pretty rough week, we got hit with a rainstorm (not like the united states but we got lotsa rain). So it’s been chill here since Wednesday night, but it was super freaking hot before. lol. I heard all about the storm, people here are good at informing me that my country is being destroyed, even a homeless drunk man told me.
We were pretty disanimated the most of this week. Pretty much everyone got "mole" (pronounced mole-ee and it means like soft, wet, or squishy or not firm and due to lack of an exact translation I must use it). so we have been trying to find new students, but it hasn’t been working out too well with all the rain and there was an upset. A bunch of girls were kidnapped this week so no one is letting their kids play outside, which makes it harder to talk to kids and get them to drag their parents out of the house so we can do a contact. hehe.
We did a free haircut today! A salon is doing like classes, and every Monday they have free cuts (started last week) and so we went there, everyone still nervous as heck, and and I was like, “DONT MESS UP!” when the kid went to use the clippers on the side of my head. He freaked. hahaha  But it turned out good cause the professor fixed up the parts and stuff, so we got haircuts for free and a good experience, as well as giving them people to practice. They said last time not very many people came, so we helped out our little community!
Yesterday at church Alan was given the priesthood (priest) and he was called as the first counselor in the Young Men’s presidency. Mainly because there’s no one else. It was either that or first counselor in the quorum of elders, but we have 0 elders that aren’t leaders so he wouldn’t have much to do... so yeah, but I’m super excited for him. The youth love him too. We do lots of activities. In an hour we will have our "ping pong lunchathon with The Big Strong Dark Black Elder Blackford" get it? It’s my nickname … because when you say ford they say it like fordge which almost sounds like forte, which is strong, and so negão is black but bigger and fortão is strong, but bigger. And it’s obvious that that would be me because I’m big and strong, and I’m super black. Elder Blackford, negão, fortão. (but you have to be careful with negão cause it could be racist!)
I picked up an old used Spanish book and I have started my learning of Spanish. So in my free time I’m either studying music theory, Spanish, or the bible or cooking food.
Yeah, I know is crazeeey that I have 11 months on the mission. It is going by so fast and I don’t even have to stop and stare, but it’s so fun, there is so much to do. I have really learned a lot until now, and I feel like a renewed man, like I can do anything I want! Not really but I still haven’t gotten used to this whole sleep thing. I thought that by now getting up at 6:30 every day would be cake, but it’s not. I love sleep. I wish I could not love sleep so much and that way I could get up faster and get ready and have like 20 more mins in the morning to study. I love learning. It’s crazy how fast you learn when you put your mind to it. Like I decided to memorize some scriptures, and I memorized almost all of the Book of Mormon scripture mastery in like 3 hours of time.
I still need to find a professional rubik’s cube, my cube doesn’t move really fast these days.
AHH NO! I forgot my camera.
So this last week I used up the little bits of moneyz that I have been saving ish and I bought a new pair of shoes. Actually they are boots, kinda. It’s got a pvc pipe toe instead of steel, and it doesn’t look that bad. You pull them off as dress shoes kinda, but they were only 35 rais which is like 18 bucks, which is cheeaap. Then I bought some BRIGHT ORANGE soccer shoes, cause the Nikes that I brought… my foot grew a little and because of the heat expanded so they don’t fit me anymore. I gave them away and I spent 60 rais (30$) on some indoor soccer shoes but they work for running and basketball and stuff. So I’m pretty excited. These boots should last about 9 months other Elders have said, so I just have to find another store with them and get another pair when I have like 6 months left and use them up.
The shoes I came here with have been trashed since Lucélia, but one I keep for meeting with president and stuff, so I have a nice shiny pair - yess, but yeah.
My watch is still in super good condition, and I have a super white man missionary watch tan line. wooo!
Anyway, so my companion is doing well, he still hasn’t gotten to the part of liking criticism, but he’s getting a lot more used to the mission and life not as a rich person. He finally has started to like to clean the house, and it’s funny how he will spend like the entire night just cleaning the kitchen floor, and he gets so proud of how he cleaned, and the next day when it gets a little dirty he freaks out at his preciously cleaned floor. He’s getting used the whole concept of not having people do all your work for you, and keeping your space clean.  He even finally keeps his desk organized! ahhh its good. I can’t stand disorganization. It makes it impossible to study or feel the spirit.
This is Elder Blackford, doing the weekly report, more to come, next week.
Peace! (and don’t let your dads eat pie!) (must be some saying from there)

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