Sunday, January 27, 2013

October 15th Letter

Elder Blackford reporting!
Hey! So Vinicius (a recent convert who does a TON of visits with us and like our best buddy here) has become addicted to watching American football and he has become a huge patriots fan. So I want to give him like a patriots towel and a tom brady jersery cause that would basically like be the biggest day in his young life next to being baptized.
Registro (in English that’s record) makes part of our district! Yeeah! There are only 3 branches in the district, Registro, Iguape and Juquiá.  That’s it! And only we don’t have a chapel, but yeah we watched it (General Conference) there. It’s huge – Registro - and like half the people are super japonese and some don’t speak lots of Portuguese but hey, it’s cool.
Have fun in another part of the world! It’s super weird.
Our weekly letter from the president was an email that a missionary in our mission wrote home last week, to be given at the funeral of his mother, who died during general conference. It was super touching to read, and how he is positive that staying on the mission is what he needs to do. It was way good. I don’t know who it is though.
So this week went by pretty well, we had a lot of people in the end that we have cut from our group but it’s all good cause we are slowly getting new people. It was a super rainy cold week, which I kinda liked cause it looks like it’s gonna be a late summer which whew is good for me. Today was only like 70 out.
This week we have new people. We have Stephany and Maicon, who are bro and sis, 14 and  12; they went to church and liked it a lot. We are headed there in 20 mins so yeah it should be pretty rockin!
 Ju, she went as well. Vinicius went and got her before church, and I hope she liked it and all because her 3 year old son was going nuts in the sacrament part and it was funny for the rest of us but idk how she felt.
We have Alan who is going to be baptized Saturday! WOOOW he is super elect. 0 problems, just wants to be baptized. He goes to church. No one has to get him or anything, wants to serve a mission and wow. Super legggit. He’s super buff too.
Then we have another announcement, a new district leader got here in Iguape last week, he just left an area called Jardim Lucélia, and is now in Iguape....Elder Lopes! Aahhh! He gave me all the updates on how the area is. Sounds like recently...
Vanessa has stopped going to church.
Larissa and Maria Aparecida are a 33% of the time that will go.
Erlan is still one week yes the other no because of work, but is going to mission prep class 2x a week and is pumped for a mission.
Gina and family are the light and life of the ward, everyone loves them and they are super active.
A couple that we were teaching got married, and the wife stopped smoking as well and was baptized, husband still drinks and so it’s going alright.
3 other people that I didn’t really talk about that I left there as investigators were baptized. Ahhhh! So good. I am super sad for those who aren’t going, but I left the ward a lot stronger than when I got there.
Oh and Sandoval! He was confirmed the Sunday I got in the field, he was called the ward secretary when I left, and he is still going super well, is about to take temple prep class and when he goes to the temple for the first time he will call Pres Pinho and ask him to let me and Elder Lopes go to it!
Aahhhh, sooo awesome! I just can’t wait to see the difference here in Miracatu!
I am learning so much. I have been so much like a dad recently. Elder F. Souza has gotten used to the mission and is leaving his shell a little bit, and now that he’s "walking" I’m having to teach him some boundary lines, but it’s all good.  =)
Love and miss everyone! Keeps it safe! Don’t forget the package asaaap.
Elder Blackford


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