Wednesday, January 23, 2013

October 1st Letter

Note: I’m leaving much of Elder Blackford’s writing…..shall we call it his style? This way you can see how he is shifting to translating to English instead of the other way around. J

So I’m here in Iguape, kickin’ it with the Elders here. We had a sick hike up to the giant Jesus statue that overlooks the city, then a bbq, played some Uno and now were here in the lan house. So yeah.
Q: Did Matheus get baptized?
A: It was a super tight baptism! Was way cool, and Adilson baptized him (he’s currently the first counselor but he used to be a 70). It was super cool, he was so pumped and everything and his whole family was there and ahhh was good. Our president talked with me here in the branch - how he has a bunch of plans in the ward to do, and basically gave me the rundown, or basically explained "I have great plans,...can you go and do this for me?" It was funny but I was like yeaaaah, I’ll do it.  So let’s see how it goes, things really are picking up here! And Matheus was confirmed yesterday!
We had Alan at church again, we only have a little more to teach him and he’s ready for baptism, I am super excited for his baptism too.
Also next week is transfers...I don’t think anyone will be transferred cause I’m training but who knows, eh? Things can be really random.
Training is going good, Elder F. Souza is still adjusting to the mission and what not but I’m sure here in a month he will start to really get the hang of stuff.
This last week was pretty busy, I don’t know…. a bunch of the people we are teaching are so wishy washy. It’s one day yes, one day no. Wilber officially decided he doesn’t want to be baptized anymore. His family got the best of us, they keep talking to him that he can’t be baptized again because he was baptized as a baby in the Catholic Church... and so there goes another soul...ugh it’s so frustrating.
But yeah, it’s been cooler this week, but I’m sure here soon it will heat up again to our 80-90 degree weather and roast us all.
I am eating a lot of food lately. I’m still fat. I’m going to get fatter than dad! I don’t know how much you are dad, but I’m 157. I’m SO FAT!
Things are going pretty well. I’m healthy ish. Thursday I got a cold. I still have it but it’s just minor cough and runny nose with slight head ache, nothin that stops the work in the slightest.
I can’t send photos cause the computer here in Iguape are slower than me in the bathroom.
I hope everyone is cool and swell... I’m loving the mission thanks for all the love and support!

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