Monday, January 28, 2013

October 22nd Letter

Yeah! There was the baptism of Alan! Ahhhh… it was sooo coool! His family from São Paulo came and his cousin baptized him and it was way good. He hasn’t been confirmed yet but that’s because yesterday was a conference in Iguape so he just stayed at home with the fam and had a BBQ. We went to eat the remaining food when we got back from the conference. It was super good and spiritual.

Maybe we will have baptism this week....Sunday... Woooo!
Yes. This was a very good week. so first off I’m really ticked at this stupid computer. It didn’t read my memory card and when I plugged in the camera to the usb port it lets me see my photos but in no way does it let me copy them...? Stupid lan house technology sometimes....
So, let me see. I have been pretty frustrated with our leadership here, there have been 0 activities in the last 4 weeks other than what the missionaries do, and it has been driving me up the wall. We had this huge conference, but it was poorly announced, scared everyone into thinking they had to pay a bunch of money to go, no one signed up. They canceled the van to go there, and we had to go and still like 6 other members, and they were like why is no one signing up? I was like cause you scared everyone into thinking they had to pay to leave when it’s free, and yeah, lots of running, running, running. In the end I made some few business calls, got on peoples backs and organized a van and whew. At the baptism I called all the leaders a few days beforehand and the day of to remind them. Everyone affirmed they would be there. No one showed up...? And then half didn’t even go to the conference because of a birthday party...but hey this just adds to the mission fun.
Anyway, we have Maria Jose, who was taught earlier by other missionaries. She had a dream answer but didn’t know what to do and they never came back. She went to church the other week, conference didn’t work for her, it already was a 6:30 am that it leaves, but it was the whole skip an hour as well, so I was tired. Everyone was.
We marked her for this Sunday. She said she will prepare herself and she had another dream that me, my companion and her were picking mangos and they were super yummy, so we read Lehi’s dream and were like, look, this is scripture dreams with fruit… you be baptize? And she was like...yes!
She doesn’t have a problem with WoW but maybe LoC so let’s see....
We also have Stephany. She also went last week and is like reading a lot and praying. She is 14 but super smart and all, but we will see if she will have a desire to really be baptized...she has a boyfriend who is pretty much a mooching bum, which is weird cause she’s like Erin, super obedient doesn’t do anything wrong, but hey, these days the girls like the drop out, badboy, motorcycle bums.
We have a few others but we will see how it rollssss! I think we convinced Cristina to let us baptize Joana before I let’s see if I can pull it off and convince her. Probably in 2 weeks would be the baptism...(Cristina is the RC who is also the aunt of Pamela).

Oh, and President Pinho went to the conference and did interviews with us. Meh, was normal basically and was like say bye bye to Miracatu. So we have some people who are doing well, some are slooow going and all but I want to be able to get at least 3 more baptisms before I leave Miracatu.
I am in need of more letters. I get lonely. Also I don’t know what’s going on these days in the world. Isn’t the election like next month..? Can I vote?
Elder F. Souza, cara é gente boooa.  (elder f. souza, dude is people good) (or saying he is a good guy) It’s our rhyme that we always sing about.
He’s doing well. He is getting a lot less shy still, and he almost got mugged today by a drunk dude but don’t worry I saved him. (you think I’m kidding but I’m not) He is basically used to the routine now, so I feel like training is basically up, it’s now getting him ready to be a leader and all. He’s starting to get the "baptism fever" which is good, gotta learn to wooork!
That’s my story over and out.

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