Tuesday, January 29, 2013

October 29th Letter

(He started with more instructions on the football jersey for the young man mentioned previously but it probably wouldn’t be all the interesting to everyone else)

Speaking on football… it was super funny (Dad will love this)… so we went to visit Alan (not Dad) this week with Vinicius and Vinicius was like, “Alan, do you watch American football?” (cause you know it’s not suuuper common) and Alan was like “Yeah! I do!” and Vinicius was like, “Are you a Patriots fan too?” And Alan was like, “Of course not! Aaron Rodgers all the way!” Then I was like, “YESSS! I KNEW YOU WERE AWESOME!” It was basically super funny. Vinicius was like noooo! (Aaron Rodgers is the quarterback for the Packers)
This week was super, super, duper rough. So NO ONE went to church - I mean literally no one. We knew it was gonna be a bad day when we showed up after trying to see if people would go (no one could go ugh..) and we get there at 8:56, 4 minutes before it starts, with a locked door and no one there.
We had 16 people at church it was great! For the second hour (Sunday School) there was 2 options, Gospel Principles with Elder F. Souza, or Gospel Doctrine with Elder Blackford, but my class was prepared for the youth so it was mostly the youth. There wasn’t primary, none of that jazz. Oh yeah, and not only that, don’t forget Sacrament Meeting, with talks given by...Elder F. Souza and Elder Blackford!
Hahahaha …it is kinda funny. Afterwards, President had to leave early because of his father in law is sick. He had to get back and get him medicine, which left me in charge to close the meeting and lock up the church. Woo! But don’t worry, Alan went to church, and was confirmed (normally members do the confirmation but since there was only us...we did that part too. I left it with Elder F. Souza, it was his first time confirming someone =].
Naw …but this week was alright. Our investigators have hit the "received an answer" part, now it’s the part of them having the faith to do it, cause if they don’t they will be very well judged for their decision, and miss out on baskets full of blessings!
So there isn’t that much this week ahead. We will have lots and lots of heat. I will melt with all the sun, and I am ready to punch babies. I am learning lots of patience, because here it’s not how you plan to get the members to bring investigators to church, it’s how we get the members AND the investigators to church, and prepare the lessons, and talks, and clean up afterwards! And at the same time all this is new to my companion, so he gets lost sometimes so I am helping him understand how to run everything in a branch while trying to figure it out myself. I am thoroughly convinced if we pull the missionaries out of this area, the branch will be shut down in 6 months. There is lots of work and animation to be done here, but I’m getting pretty good at animating everyone.
I hope that everyone is doing super, duper well and all, cause I am doing great. Next week I will have 11 months, it’s crazy.
I am dying of heat. I hope that it stops being so super freaking hot. I am going to melt. But all is good and all in the end.
Send me letters! I’m getting a little better at responding! So yeah, would be great!
Oh, hey Mom, I love the quotes that you send me, and I have a request - that they come translated. It makes them easier to share if they are already pre translated cause my translation skills suck.
Love and miss you all!
Elder Blackford

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