Friday, January 25, 2013

October 8th Letter

This was such a good week, conference is aweeesome.

Q: Did you get your envelope? You didn’t say last week.
A: Yup, I got it…. ahhh was soo good thanksss.  =]
Q: So what is the plan the branch president has that he wants you to help carry out?
A: It’s our “everyone has a baptism”. We’re going to visit all the members almost weekly and make them visit their friends. Everyone is required to do so. Stats show this, 1 in 1000 doors knocked brings baptism. If we do 60 visits (60 individuals) with members visiting their friends, we will baptize 60 people, because some of those original visits will be families. So let’s go!
Q: Who is next on your baptism list? Are you getting better church attendance?
A: Hahaha. No. It’s still pitiful. We had 6 people go to conference. Next is Alan. He is super pumped - 18 years old, loved everything. MISSIONARY! He will be baptized on the 20th. He is in the city this week and returns Sunday.
Q: With such a small branch you probably know all the members super well. Do you ever go to Juquia? Isn’t that part of your branch?
A: 2 times a week to eat lunch with the members. It wastes time and money, but they need the constant support.  And to do work there like knock one goes. In Miracatu and they just have to walk. Imagine taking the bus? Doesn’t work too well.
Q: Did you ever figure out the streets in Iguape where Google was taking pictures?
A: No! I already asked a few times but I haven’t got the name yet...
Q: Have you heard how Elder Oliviera is doing?
A: I have not, we have had pretty much no contact with the rest of the mission =/
I’m here in Registro right now. We didn’t get the right bus back in time so we stayed here again. Darn...guess we will have to wait here a little and play risk with the Elders sad... =]]]
We had a pretty good week, we got a really cool new family that we started teaching and all that they made us food and what not. So I hope we will keep teaching them, they were sweet.
Hey have you guys written letters to Adam McLain or Brenden recently? Just wondering.
So Elder F. Souza is still adjusting, but he has made a lot of progress, he is loosening up, he talks with people more now, like just regular conversations just being people’s friend.
We have a lot of work here in Miracatu. There’s like a ton of members with problems. Lots of problems in the branch and it seems everything is our problem. Oh this week is transfers!  But were both staying. =) So more 6 weeks in Miracatu training! I’m looving it. Just like McDonalds...da da dup da daaa.
Ooh, Mom, my piano skills are still only more or less. Like I can play some hymns all 4 parts almost fluently, and a bunch in the simple book. I can also bust out some Coldplay that I found the chords and stuff. I learned some music theory just dinking around and stuff. I think with some actual real instruction in like a month I could play most of the simple hymns without problem. But yeah...
Also I am working again on my Portuguese vocab. It hasn’t been expanding that much and I need to work on it, so yeah...cause it’s still pretty low. I need new sophisticated words.
Has Jordan left yet?
But yeah, send my love to everyone. I am so thankful for my family and all that you guys have done for me. I just hope I can be a good enough missionary and live up to my standards.
Elder Blackford

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