Saturday, January 19, 2013

September 10th Letter

We have a lot of new investigators that are starting up right now... but things are still going pretty rough. We had no one at church...again. It is pretty frustrating when no one goes to church. We don’t know really what is wrong with Wilber, he’s reading and praying but he’s got a fear about something and we haven’t figured out what it is yet.  Claudio, Diego and Sandro always end up doing something on Sunday so I think we’re just going to show up and drag them to church, that should work.
Sometimes we go to the little countryside areas, but rarely cause waiting for buses is a pain. But it is good when there is a really good family out there...which we have yet to find haha. Bbut yeah things are going pretty well.
Elder Souza is starting to open up more, but he still gets really nervous when we are teaching people, yesterday he went to do the first vision.
"I saw a pillar of light, they stopped above me in the air, and said to me, without glory and description descending gradually over me, and spake unto me, stopping in the air and then said, while pointing to the other and speaking, anyways what he said was….."
He got his words soooo mixed up, it was funny, and we were teaching with a member, Adriana, who is a returned-missionary so she knows how it is but we were both trying really hard not to laugh, and he was so nervous when he finished cause he messed up. I don’t think he talked for the next 10 minutes.  But he’s getting there -  ha ha.
Also because he is very well educated, he uses really complex sentences and way of speaking, super formal, and it confuses people. So that also is funny sometimes. Even I don’t understand sometimes. It is going super well the training. We get along super well, and I am learning a lot, and he is too, he has gotten sooo much better at teaching already. I am super excited for this transfer, and we are planning lots of cool activities for the branch and yeah.
Let’s see, oh yeah! I wanted to give mom an item up to date list on how my stuff is.
So here’s how it is -  mais ou menos.
So I left with like 15 ties, bought like 5 in the CTM (Brazil MTC), and now I’m down to 10 cause I gave some away...but it’s still pretty good.
I still have all my pants, I gave up on not using the dry clean only ones, and threw them in the washer, seemed to turn out all right. Pants I’m doing pretty well, the greenish ones I had are now a super light gray.
I had like 15 pairs of socks. Now I have 8 socks, not 4 pairs because I think every sock is different, but I have 8.
I had 3 pairs of shoes, 2 of them are in the trash and the other one is in good condition because I only use it to go to church and for zone conferences and meetings like that. In my last area right before I left, Erick (whose house we used to do skype) he gave me a pair of shoes he only used 6 months on the mission. They are like steel toed and well built, but used. So they are starting to fall apart now, but they should last at least 2 more months maybe more.
Garments, yeah I had a bunch that got old fast and ripped and moldy and stuff, so I’m down to 6 pairs, I do lots of laundry...ugh.
Shirts - I had almost 12, I have 8 now, a few got really beyond dirty and used. My collars are nice and white though! (totally kidding)
So yeah, that’s my clothing update. But, I’m healthy and strong, I’m eating a lot of bread drinking a ridiculous amount of water, and yeah it’s all sweeet. Loving the work here, it’s ridiculously hard but it’s because it’s hard that I’m growing a lot. I am getting super tired at night lately, I haven’t had much more time to study piano or really work on my new vocab list, but it’s going well. I am getting good with like 5 real hymns, and a bunch from the simple hymn book =] so yeah it’s going swell.  Also I have stopped gaining weight, I’im stuck at 155.
That’s my report folks! Elder Blackford over and ouuuut.

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