Monday, January 21, 2013

September 17th Letter

Well, let me start off with an early HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM! That’s right! I didn’t forget! But I don’t have a present really for you, but I remembered! This is good!
Parabéns para você! Nesta data querida! Muitas felicidades!Muitos anos de vida!
(congratulations to you, on this day loved, many happiness, many years of life!
Wow that is ridiculously crazy that Alyse is going to Hong Kong! That’s a good foreign mission! She’s gonna have fun learning the language. fale parabéns.
Naw, you don’t need to send me clothes. I have already bought a few new socks, and Saturday the branch is going to the temple and Sandro is gonna pick up some garments for me, so no worries on the clothes.
There is lots of craziness happening here in Miracatu. We have a bunch of new investigators and a bunch of old ones that we chopped in half so things are going swell.  We had a bunch of investigators at church, and we got in touch with an old inactive family, and 2 of the kids went to church with us, one, she’s "married" and the other is Matteus and he is like 11 and loves church! Which means...BAPTISM! We’re going work hard to reactivate them, the husband is a member, she’s not and some of the older kids, they have 8. 4 are already married. So yeah, it’s gonna be sweeet. We have Alan as well, and he is 18 and loved church. His uncle’s family are members and we taught him while his family was visiting here. He’s gone a few times in São Paulo. So yeah, he accepted baptism as well. We also have another family who I would call the Dials because they are exactly like the Dial family, the dad is literally Br Dial. It’s super funny, he is adding onto his house, he does it by himself and he works his normal job during the week. They are a cool family and they are starting to progress a lot, we have another family that has 4 kids under the age of 7 and they as well are loving our visits. We have another girl that we have been visiting, Gislene, who we managed to reactivate as well, and she’s working on reactivating her sister. So all in all the work is progressing a ton. Also, Diego and Sandro went to church and have started reading the Book of Mormon, so in the end we got a lot of progress. This week was my best week for numbers here so it was awesome!
Working hard and loving it. It’s starting to get super hot so I’m making lots of ice cubes out of grape juice but like fake grape juice from a giant pack of juice mix I bought. Yum.
Also me and my companion decided we have always wanted a fridge in our room, and since no one is stopping us, we moved the fridge into our room. It’s super inconvenient but we have a our room!
Yeah, Elder f Souza is still super shy with the lessons and talking with people but he’s getting better. He’s getting used to the schedule and all the walking and stuff, and it’s good. I decided I’ve been too nice so I’m being more picky with him on some things so he can get better faster, but I’m still nice ok? Elder Crandall drilled me on some things so I think I’m being even nicer, so he can’t complain.
This is my report. Over and out.
ELDER Blackford

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