Tuesday, January 22, 2013

September 24th Letter


So I don’t have as much time as usual. I used up like 20 mins because I have to mail some photos and information to Elder Laughlin for a presentation we’re doing in Iguape next Sunday.
So this week sure was a hassle! Tuesday we stayed in Registro to do some bliiitzin and then Wednesday night good old Elder Hardy called and was like so, tomorrow, 9 am training for new missionaries! So Thursday we left and we had some people to visit but it was good training. Oh yeah and Wednesday the power went out and there was a huge storm and like no one went to our family night cause there wasn’t any power =( and we even made a homemade lemon cake! it was super yum!
Let’s see, I don’t have your letter yet, but I think I will tomorrow because Elder Laughlin met with Pres. Pinho and has some letters. He said I have a giant yellow letter from the government. Which I’m assuming he’s just being weird like norm and it’s your letter.
Oh hey - the list of things that you can send me that I am in want/need would be the following.
I need a pair of Nike basketball shorts that would be the color of orange bright.
Hollister cologne because the colognes here smell like old people.
A yellow tie, a red tie and a green tie. I’im lacking these colors.
Shoe inserts, Reeses PB cup, another memory card for camera including a case.
Yeah, I think that’s about it.
But this week was super good. We had a bunch of people at church. We had good ol Matheus who is going to be baptized this Saturday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yessssssssss! He is super cool - little guy, he’s 11 will turn 12 in December, and he is motivating his entire family to go back to church. His dad is starting to come back too - 5 years he has been inactive. And we have his cousin and mom marked for baptism, and there’s a bunch of other family members that were starting to work with. Last week there were 3 kids in the primary, yesterday we had 13. And only 2 were members. So that’s right! Little kid status!
We also had Alan, who is 18, super cool super chill and he’s like “Elders, I want to be baptized.” We have almost taught him everything but he is only home weekends, so it will take a little longer but the 13th he’s going to be baptized. We had a quick leadership meeting and our branch president basically told everyone that they are about to start working super hard, cause we are bringing a ton of investigators and we don’t plan to stop. He was like "Elder Blackford is about to baptize the entire city so we gotta hurry up and get our act together."
Then we marked every day this week to do visits with members - hip hip hurray!
Because we don’t have lots of people to do callings I was called to teach the youth 2nd hour, 12-18 so I’m excited next week to start my class! I’m also stoked cause this leaves Elder f Souza to do all the talking and helping in gospel principles so yeah, it’s cool. Don’t worry - were doing splits during church, it’s legal separation.
Basically that’s all I’ve got. My time is kinda ending. Anyway, there’s lots of work here, and if you can’t tell I’m super excited. I’m making my companion work, work, work and he’s going nuts, but this is just the start!
Things are good, I’m healthy and all and loving the mission. Was super great to hear about Bruce! ahhh kaaay leegaaal. (how cool)
Hope everyone has a super awesome week!
Elder Blackford

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