Tuesday, February 5, 2013

December 10th Letter

So as for Christmas… this week I will find someone in the ward who we will use their skype for Christmas and whatever. So once again it’s for dad to ACCEPT the invite =] so yup. I’ll give more specifics next week, on the hour and whatnot.

We ordered a "pizza baiana" for my one year mark. People from the Bahia (which inculdes my companion [bahia translated is bay] love hot sauce! So the pizza was ridiculously hot and like always how ALL missionaries from Brazil São Paulo Interlagos we ate it with a chocolate border. (that would be like inside the border is a chocolate BLAST!).  That was about it... we knocked some doors too. haha
The ward boundaries are pretty big. It’s about 4 bairros but we have 2 duplas de missionaries here so we only have 2 bairros. It sucks though because to walk to the other one it’s like 15 min walking down the main road to get there, cause there is a freaking lake in the way. UGGH  So you waste a lot of time. So we have to plan super efficiently and sometimes take the bus.
Q: What are some Christmas traditions/celebrations?
A: Christmas is like everyone singing Christmas songs. I’m part of the choral. In fact, I’m the only bass in the choral here cause no one knows how to sing parts but me! Yay! I hear the big difference is that here everyone gets WASTED on the 24th (we can’t be out on the streets after 6pm) and there’s a bunch of fireworks and stuff. So wooo! Iniquity!
My companion – I’ll give more details. Naw, he comes from a normal family. Parents divorced, lives with step mom and dad. Well they aren’t married legally but, ya know. He’s the only member in his family. His mom doesn’t support him being out here but his dad is cool with it, but they don’t have any real interest to go to church. He’s been a member about 3 years now. He was 16 when he got baptized.

We get along super well in the day-to-day stuff and whatnot. When it comes to the actual mission work it’s alright. He is very prideful, and when there is something unfavorable to do, he won’t do it, or like if it’s hot and we marked to knock doors on a certain street, he opts to buy ice cream. If I complain he just yells at me that it’s hot and that it "doesn’t work" to knock doors when it’s hot. So I get super frustrated. It’s just stuff like that we have problems,  cause I guess you could say I’m a lot more "by the book" as in right now I’m even telling him "Elder get off that website, you can’t be on this" and stuff like that. When we are teaching and stuff he is really good. I am learning a lot because he is really good with the social side (and the spiritual side not too much) so were both learning a lot.
I’ve been getting on his feet about rules and stuff cause apparently his other companions just let him be... but he just has to accept when he’s wrong, and I as well. It’s all about humility and accepting that you’re wrong when you’re wrong, and when you’re right having patience with the other.
So yeah, this week didn’t go too well. We had 40 families in our teaching group when I got here. We haven’t found too many more, and we have cut about 35 of those 40 cause I was like, dude, you have gone here 3 times, they haven’t gone to church and won’t commit to going, so I was like yeah, right. So we’re working a lot on the whole finding new people. We have a SUPER awesome family, actually 2.
Jessica and Vladimir, she’s a member that we reactivated, and he started going to church. He’s gone every week since I’ve been here, and the 15th were going to get all his documents and then were off to mark their marriage! Yay! Super awesome, and then we will baptize him. Their daughter, who is like 4 months old, was given a name at church yesterday, was awesome =].
Damiana, 50, and Mauricio, 22, mother and son. Mauricio was invited by his English teacher who is a member of another ward in another stake (which happens to be the ward of Elder F. Souza). Maurico has gone like 3 times, and he even sang in the choir at the stake conference that they had yesterday! He loves church and Damiana went yesterday and loved it, they are pumped to come to church here cause it’s only a 20 min walk, the other one is like a 40 min bus ride. Yeah- ha ha. They are both preparing for baptism as well. =]
That’s about all I have as well for this week. I hope that everyone is safe and that y'all are having a good week and all that. I know I won’t see any snow for Christmas but it will be pretty cool none the less.
Peace out
Elder Blackford

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