Wednesday, February 6, 2013

December 17th Letter

I liked the pictures – ha ha. It’s been super rainy this week here as well. It’s pretty bad, the ceiling leaked on me while sleeping and I got angry!

So let me explain how this will go -so my comp won’t use skype because his family doesn’t have this stuff. So what’s going to happen is, he will call his family and I will use skype, but we haven’t gotten figured out with who so listen up. The projected time will be 19:00 that I will skype you guys, on Tuesday 25th of December. Before this day I will figure out with who, and send an invite to dad with a message detailing the hour especifically.  Monday I WILL NOT be sending email, but if needed we are permitted a 2 min phone call to confirm our plans. I doubt this will be necessary but if so this would mean that Mom you need to have your cell phone on you all Mon/Tues in case of any changes. I only know your cell number by heart and I don’t know where I put the rest. So if it ends up a call, I call moms cell, say "hi call me back" and then use the house phone or whatever phone would be cheapest cross country.  Dad just needs to keep skype in check. Also I can have a member send an email to you guys to confirm whatever needs be, but like I said it will probably be about 19:00 here idk what time there.
Baptisms - we have 158 with 102 planned for this week, and I’m guessing about another 100 for the last week. I’m hoping we end up breaking 300, even breaking 300 we break all the missions for baptisms in a month this year. So, we’re gonna rock it. Sadly, this area was very poorly prepared before I got here, but we will have the baptisms of Mauricio and Damiana this week. They went to church in our ward yesterday, loved it, and they already stopped drinking coffee. We only need to teach 10 commandments  -- with day of the lord? I don’t know what it is in English but the whole Sabbath day thing. It was good, they know that everything is true, It’s only removing last minute fears and the whole "wow this was quick" but that’s easy - just visiting them every day, but if they don’t feel ready this Saturday next week for sure, but they are ready!
Yesterday we had a super Christmas choir performance, wow it was good =] I sang too! I know, I’m cool. It was multi-stake, and way good, and also JD. Lucélia performed. They did good, and Sandoval and Erlan were in the choir. Erlan is doing well, still the start of mission process stuff, and he even bought a suit and everything - super fancy! Also there was another baptism yesterday in their ward, the 6th person that was baptized because of Gina’s family, another friend of the boys, with 2 more next week.
Uriel ran up to me and was like "Elder Blackford, I’m going to be a better missionary than you cause I’m already throwing people in the water!" It was super funny. It is so cool to see how many people are going to church and stuff because of them, they are a super influential family in this area, almost all the missionaries and people in the stake know the "crazy lady with a ton of boys."
Things are going alright. We had some investigators at the choir performance, and the other Elders in our ward will go with Vladimir Wednesday to get his documents and mark the marriage! Wooo! My comp and I would go, but you need 2 witnesses and I’m American and my comp was robbed 2 months ago and still hasn’t gotten his ID so were not really much help. (don’t worry mom he was robbed on our street at night, so it’s not likely to happen again so were safe now!)
Hey -Harland sent me a letter about the mission -- woo!
So I don’t really know what much more to say. I’m going nuts with cleaning our house. My comp seems to dirty the kitchen faster than I can clean it so I get pretty upset but he’s like hey, I don’t care so it’s not my problem. So I have to clean ALL his dishes. Urrg. I can’t stand dirty dishes in the sink.
I need to send y'all a few pics but I always forget my camera.
That’s about it. Peace out ‘til the skype call y'all.
obs: don’t forget to update the blog

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