Friday, February 8, 2013

December 31st Letter

What’s crackalackin, Blackford family?

So today is the 2nd to last day of the transfer, and the last day of the year - and let me tell you it’s been a riot. But hey, yeah, we had the baptisms last night, and because of special, end of the year wanting to finish all the paperwork stuff, we did the confirmations as well. =] So Damiana and Mauricio are officially members already! woot!
We don’t get the phone call of who will be transferred and all that until tonight...uggghh!
Today at 3pm we’re hitting up the court and gonna throw a football around. Mauricio has one (super rare to find) cause he’s a huge fan, he even updated me on the Detriot and Cincinnati game last night (sorry dad) but that’s how it rolls.
What else...
I just hope that Erin kept the blog updated. I forgot to ask you guys...
if not she needs to...
bounce with it
drop with it
lean with it
rock with it
snap with it
fer sure.
Let’s see... we took a long time to find an open lanhouse. Everyone is closed for the new year, but no worries, we found one in Lucélia. The one I used to always use. Woo! Old memories.
It was awesome talking to yáll on natal. So yeah, fun stuff. Mom didn’t say much but it was still good. =]
I am super tired. I won’t lie, I really am looking forward to a power nap today.
By the way, I always forget to tell you mom, that I love gum, especially the gum that you send me, but always remember that missionaries can’t chew gum. =[  I know, sad, right? But don’t worry - little Brazilian children love funny looking gum in a silver wrapper so it works out alright.
Church was swell. I find it interesting how even being on a mission does not mean that it will be easy to stay awake during Sacrament Meeting. Old habits don’t just disappear, when you’re’re tired.
Also, Ii wanted to let you know, Mom, that I almost got super hit by a car. I was like walking against a parked car and there wasn’t lotsa room on the road and the car was passing me (coming at me). The mirror almost hit me and I think it almost broke, but I almost got super smacked, but I’m ok. Next time I’ll let my comp go first instead of me. I can avoid these kinds of things. Good thing it was just almost, neh?
We got to go get things off again so I’ll pick up some coconuts and start banging them together and I’m off, off and away on my noble steed. (not sure if this has some local reference, an incomplete thought or just him being strange)
Tonight there will be A TON of noise and fireworks again! Yay! Gotta love Brazil - they just love noise, noise, noise.
I wish a Happy New Year to all and if you see me crying, it’s cause I’m cutting a lazagna.
Elder Blackford

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