Friday, February 15, 2013

February 11th 2013 Letter - New Assignment

Happy Birthday, Dad! Now you’re seriously old. Way to go!

Hey, cool stuff Erin is doing. I like Barcelona. Their soccer team has cool colors with the whole red and blue. Alan in Miracatu made me a Barcelona fan.
Whew… lot’s of stuff this week. Thanks for all the updates.  =]
So this week we did not have the baptism because of EFY. There is a super Brazil EFY and all the youth in the stake went, and soo Gabriel and Henrique’s cousins went, and wanted to be at the baptism so it is this week...
But there was a problem, tomorrow is transfers...
So guess who stays and who goes...?
Elder Blackford?
Elder Sabino?
The answer is...
Neither! We stay.  Ha ha. But this transfer is 5 weeks not 6 (I don’t know if this is a permanent change or just this one. I’ll give the heads up).
So there’s that news, more time here in Grajaú!
But you are right, Mom, the hardest thing is for people to get married...why? Well first 80% of women are pregnant before 19, and so it’s like no one is committed. To get married you gotta go to the place where you do documents and stuff (I don’t know the name) but it’s pretty complicated. To get a divorce is even more complicated and expensive and since there are no penalties or really benefits, why bother? So it’s pretty hard here.
Elder Sabino is doing ok. He still has his days and moments, but we’re trying to work on it. He says he wants to train someone but I’m like, how are you going to train someone to be obedient if you can’t yourself? So he’s trying to be better.   =]
It’s the holidays here! Carnival! The most sinful week in Brazil! It’s crazy stuff that happens here this week. Everyone is on the street drunk out of their minds. So it will be fun. We’re gonna start working with João because he drinks a lot during parties and weekends.
I am super tired these days. It’s been a little hot and Elder Sabino snores like a cow, man. It doesn’t work to sleep sometimes. Good thing I can take a nap. So next week I think I will be able to send my letters, because I need to pretty bad. It’s just that its sooo far away!
Hey, what happened to that cool list of questions you used to do? That always helped me.
People are progressing some, others a lot others not much, but we got a decent teaching group. We still knock a few doors. An hour during the day to find new people is always good.   =]
Oh, hey, idk if I already said this but Lucélia has 4 missionaries now, because there are lots of people to baptize due to references of Gina’s family. They already have a ton of youth, and the ward is growing ridiculously fast. Already 5 of her neighbors have been or will be baptized.
Thanks for all the love and support from you guys. I am super excited to keep working, ya gotta take advantage of this time ya know. Learn all you can to become just like the Savior and follow His example.
Elder Blackford
One thing Elder Blackford did not mention in this letter but did in a short email to his dad is that Elder Blackford was made a district leader. He's not sure about having the additional responsibility :-) but we know he will be diligent. He did say that currently he does not have sister missionaries in his district. We will ask him to tell us more next week about his district.

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