Monday, February 18, 2013

February 18th 2013 Letter

We asked a few questions this time and he answered some of them so we have part of the letter in the Q&A format.

This week was pretty like...busy, neh.
Saturday we had the baptism of Gabriel and Henrique, which was cool because we did it together with Lucelia ward, who was baptizing another friend of Gina’s family. Ha ha. It was super spiritual, and I liked it. I thought it was cool.
Q: Is a post office in your area but not convenient?
A: Yeah. It’s far away. It’s about 30 mins by bus to the post office, wait 20 min to send, and 30 min to return, which is like an hour and a half just to freaking send letters. So it takes a lot of time, and when your companion doesn’t want to go, it’s pretty hard to convince cause you gotta pay for the bus and everything.
Q: What wards/areas does your district cover?
My district is just Cocaia A and Cocaia just 4 missionaries myself included.
Q: What responsibilities do you have?
A: Responsibilities - just to animate people and mess around with bunch of numbers. So I’m taking the numbers from area B and putting them together and then passing them to the zone leaders, listening to them chew me out for whatever is low, (contacts, lessons, etc.) and then I have to chew out the other Elders (with love obviously) for what they aren’t doing. And so on and so forth.  If there’s anything to understand about the mission it’s that numbers are important. Everyone always says before you go "remember numbers aren’t everything" but it’s only partly true. Its’ all about goals and reaching them. Without numbers how do you make goals and improve?
Q: Do you do baptismal interviews?
A: Yes, I do baptism interviews for Cocaia B.
Sunday was returning to regular hours here, so like it went back an hour and no one told us. When we got everyone for church and showed up we were 45 min early instead of 15 min late. Wow. I was like how did no one tell us?
So I don’t know what else to say. We are teaching so many people right now. It’s impossible to explain everyone that we are teaching. So it’s kinda cool. We won’t have any baptisms here super soon, but in 2-3 weeks we might have a ton, so I am stoked.   =D
Yesterday we had a super blitz with the zone. I organized the entire list of members in our ward, organized it in several groups, and we divided 12 members with 12 missionaries and we contacted 70% of the members in our ward. This way we got info to remove people that moved, died, have desire to return, stuff like that and then tada! Lots of baptisms! So this week we will be working a lot to contact everyone.
It’s pretty hot around here these days. I’m dying.
Hey, so I learned that Elder Sabino only has 2 shirts (short sleeved). I never even noticed he uses the same 2 always, but I talked with people at church (without him knowing) and he’s already received a new shirt as a present from the Pres. of the high priests, so he’s been pretty happy ever since.  =]
I’m happy, excited and extremely tired all at the same time.
Love and miss you all! Don’t forget to read the Book of Mormon daily!
Elder Blackford

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