Tuesday, February 26, 2013

February 25th 2013 Letter

Helllooo everyone! Hey, Mom, parabéns for getting the blog up to date =D. Also thanks for all the prayers and love.

I’m sick. Yesterday I was getting sniffles and coughs and this morning I strait up was like, I’m sick, I’m not getting up. I’m still pretty bad. It’s like I’m with mostly headache, stuffy nose, but hey, at least it’s on p-day. I can rest and all that.
I will see if I will get around to sending some letters. Matt sent me an email (only took a year) so I’m going to respond to him by letter.
That’s good to hear! See if Dad can use some google translation skills to ask big Vinicius how people are in Miracatu.
Yes, Pres. Pinho said a little about the mission thing in his weekly letter. He said that July 1st will be the opening of the mission west, and that it will consist of Interlagos and North, which is Brad Dial’s mission. Anyway, so me just doing rational thinking 1/3 of our mission will go there, and 1/3 of north, leaving 2/3 in all three, it’s the most logical thing to have happen. So there is a possibility that I will change missions/mission president in July, but it’s far out still and like it really matters, just gotta baptize my friend.
Sounds like Erin is having a ball in the old world, that’s sick. I really don’t get to travel that much or basically at all, but that’s got to be such an adventure for her. I’m 100% sure she will be super sad when it’s over. She’s gotta take advantage of it because the mission isn’t like that at all!
So yeah, man, this week went by alright. I spent 2 days out of my area, one with the Elders in Cocaia B and the other in Noronha with the zone leaders, well, one of them, while the other came to my area with Elder Sabino. One is from Utah, the other is from Oregon our LZs.
It was a pretty busy week. The Elders in Cocaia B will have a baptism this week, Antonio, who is from Peru and he’s been in Brazil only a month, and he speaks basically nothing, but it works to understand him and all. So this will test my Spanish skills to try to understand all that he says.
People we have in the group -
Lais, Laissa (identical twins) -
and their brother Kaiwan, and nephew Douglas. The 4 of them went to church (2nd time for the twins). It’s kinda hard because they are super immature (13 years old) and are basically your typical favella girl, who has a poisoned mind of what life is like, so we have to help them with behavior and all at church, but they all want to be baptized. The boys are also super hyper.
Leticia age 10 - she is living with her grandma who is member. She is super sweet. She’s probably the nicest 10 year old I have ever met. All she does is help her gma, and she loves to study and read and she is just awesome. She will be baptized, not this Sunday but the other, day 10. 
We have a bunch of others but these are our biggest lately, and we cut quite a few people this week but we are still teaching lots of people.
Well, I’m super exhausted, but hope y´all have a super awesome week!
Love, Elder Blackford

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