Thursday, February 14, 2013

February 4th 2013 Letter

In our letter to Braden this week I commented that he now on the downside….down to 10 months as of the first week of February. His response….

Ha ha ha – I’m not quite counting down yet. I’m not trunky – tee hee, but things are going pretty well.
Wow! How exciting for Loring! That will be super weird for him to learn a super strange language but im sure that he will like it. (Cousin Loring Moore will be serving a mission in Toronto, Canada, speaking Cantonese. He is scheduled to leave June 5th)
If you get in contact with the Simpsons – I send a super polar bear hug to Jason. (Friend Jason Simpson will be serving a mission in Scotland/Ireland and leaves in June)
Wait, is the whole transfer thing 5 weeks as in forever or just one transfer of 5 weeks? We have that too once in a while. I heard we might have one of 4 weeks because of the less time mtc thingy.
 As far as the work goes, our area started exploding with super awesome people. We will have 2 baptisms this week - Henrique and Gabriel, nephews of a member. Then we have Natayla here soon, the granddaughter of a member we reactivated, and another member we reactivated – we’re working with her granddaughter too.
 Also we had João and his entire family at church! Which is a mom dad with 2 daughters, ages 14 and 10.  All of them went and LOVED it. So were gonna mark them to get married legally and all that and then baptize the entire family. Wooo!
 We have Amanda, who is the girlfriend of a member. She has been going to church off and on with him for 2 years, and no missionary had ever talked with her until I did. So now were gonna help her get baptized too. Also, we had a member, recent convert, whose wife moved back with him, so were gonna take them as well to get married and baptize her, and probably some of their kids (but idk yet they are all grown up like 16+ so we will see).
So our area is blowing up.
 Oh hey before I forget - when you send stuff, I need a silver sharpie. Kkk. Thanks.
 Elder Sabino is still super trunky and sad, but that’s just him. It isn’t super bad anymore. But that’s how it rolls. We’re doing lots of divisions but the other Elders in Cocaia are having bad luck. They are teaching like no one and so they are like super sad too, so I’m like trying to be the little ball of energy that keeps this sucker rollin’.
Oh hey, I bought a little plastic pokemon, if anyone cares to know – it’s a vulpix.
We had the super marriage ceremony Saturday of Jessica and Vladimir. It was super funny because something didn’t work out and I ended up being on the wedding party thingy. You know, the people that walk up to the front? I was with Vladimir’s dad and I was like, Bro, I’m not holding your hand and he’s like, me neither. We were walking and everyone was like, hey, take his hand or do something and then I put my arm on his shoulder jokingly and then the whole audience started laughing super hard and the camera person got angry at me! Whooops! Sometimes it’s so hard to not just do a little joke, ya know. But it was super good.
Wow – I’m just sooo excited for Loring! The mission is so wonderful. My testimony has grown a lot. I can’t lie. At the start of my mission I lost a lot of my personality. I was a little stiffer, little rigid missionary. I don’t know - I was so focused I kinda forgot that I can have fun and be me. Now I’ve learned how to have fun and work at the same time. You can joke around if you know your limits, but you know as a missionary the limits are a lot more limited. Wow, English options for words sometimes sucks.
I really think the biggest thing I have learned is about the feeling that Christ feels when we are totally conscious of what we are doing and when we do the wrong thing it’s just because we are dumb. So many times people know what’s right but we aren’t willing to pay the price to do it. We don’t fully understand what the reward is for doing the right, but if we could see it, if we really knew and understood, I bet no one would probably ever consciously choose the wrong.
 I learned how much I don’t miss fast food. I went to McDonald’s today because Ii had to go to this place to do this thing that I don’t know the words in English, but it has to do with my visa and all because mine expired (don’t worry I’m still ok) but it was waay in the center and there was a McDonald’s and I just bought 1 burger. It was yummy and all, but really I don’t feel the urge to do it again, food here rocks so I don’t know why we eat so much garbage.
 Sounds like Erin in livin’ the vida loca with Ricky Martin in Spain!
Yeah, I want to know other planets, err countries. I don’t know, planets seemed like the right word but I don’t think it is, but it would be cool too.
 Anyway, my hands are tired and my mouth is super dry. I have been drinking lots of water today but to no avail, my system is dry!
 Hope everyone has a great day and eats a lot of pie!
 Elder Blackford

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