Monday, February 11, 2013

January 14th 2013 Letter

Yeah, it is weird to think that I am already on the downside, eh? I’m already passed hump day and it’s just going faster each day...sigh...but 1 year is still a long time.  =]
So, yeah, but lemme see, this week...
It’s been raining this entire week, like horribly, and my umbrella broke.   >=[
My left pinky toe out of nowhere just swelled up. It’s been about 4 days now. I can’t even walk normal cause it hurts a lot. It’s about 3x bigger than normal. I haven’t really done anything besides poke it once in a while, but it seems like it should get better. I’m scared to go to the doctor cause I don’t have money to pay to amputate my toe =( so i will just keep walking until it turns black or falls off or gets better.  It’s just a pinky toe.
Let’s see… Vladimir is super pumped for the baptism and marriage thingy this Saturday.  =]  It’s gonna be awesome. We had a family night yesterday with them and a few other families - it was super fun. We did a cool activity where everyone stood in a circle, and Elder Sabino told everyone to imagine the life of Christ and then start thinking about what He did for them, and then he started reading a bunch of scriptures about the atonement. Everyone was standing up with hands out and open, and I walked by pricking everyone with a nail on the hands. It was pretty awesome. We had a good discussion afterwards about how everyone felt.
Then we had cake and popcorn.  =]
Let’s see... OH YEAH! Elder W. Souza (the other Elder here in Cocaia) was transferred emergently. (?) Like there was a problem somewhere else and they transferred him to there, and this was late last night. I was knowing this like 1 hour ago when he called and was like, hey, bye, I’m at the office and I was transferred! How sad, so today another Elder will be in our ward.
Oh and today isn’t P-day, it’s going to be Friday cause were off to the temple! Wow, it’s been so long. Last time I went to the temple was with Elder Lopes. I never went after until now… so it’s been like 7 months.
No, Elder R Nascimento isn’t from a poor family. He literally is just like that, but I got the recents on him. The whole mission is talking about it. His new area - the bishop is very bossy and ridiculous (well known in the area about the crazy bishop) and Elder Nascimento also being bossy and ridiculous they argued and it didn’t turn out too well. I’ll just leave it at that.  Ha ha. So yeah, that’s the latest.
Elder Sabino is doing well. He’s been pretty sad still. He’s pretty homesick, but we get along great and were laughing a lot so he’s managing it O.K. I don’t know what it is but I seem to always get comps who are a little sad. Seems to be the theme with all of them.
Things are going good. We found like 0 people this week, and the rain didn’t help. We had a few days where we were straight up rejected for hours on end. It was great! I told my comp we only were missing being crucified and we would be exactly like Jesus!
(Notice how he tells us it's going good and then proceeds with all the things that weren't so good...)  :-)
I hope that all is well there back at home. I am happy and loving the mission. Remember that everyone needs to read the BOM every day! I’m in Alma 11 now. I’m reading only in Portuguese. It’s been about 5 months that I haven’t seen my scriptures in English. Ha ha. This week I’m gonna buy it in Spanish at the temple if they have it and see if I can read that too.  =P
Have a great week of the rainy season! ‘Cause its rainy for us all.
Elder Blackford

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