Tuesday, February 12, 2013

January 21st 2013 Letter/ Location Pictures

Is this the real life? Is this just fantasy? caught in a landslide.... no escape from reality!

So this week was pretty "da hora" (cool). We had a super good temple trip, was yummy. Then we had the super hurried Saturday filled with awesomeness. The marriage went super well, no problems. I took lots of photos (I was camera man) and then we prepped the baptism. It went well -it was just Vladimir, and wow the spirit was strong. The last hymn was a special hymn that Vlad played guitar and his new wife Jessica, san. The song was one of the young women’s songs, super cool. Everyone is pumped to have him in the ward.  =]

Also, Joares - he is a recent convert who has been the friend of Vlad. He did the baptism (which I was glad cause probably it would have been me and Vladimir is way bigger than me) and so it was good. He was super nervous but it was a 1 time smackdown – IT’S GOOD! Also, Mauricio went to the baptism and so I taught him how to be a witness for baptisms, and he did it with me. He felt pretty important as well, cause it was up to him to decide in the place of Christ if the baptism was done correctly. So yeah, it was cool.  =]
The work here is progressing and we have a lot of new people in the woodworks and holy crap I can’t remember English to save my life. Just read how I type – I’m retranslating to remember English.
Tonight is pizza night with the other Elders and all and the family of Joares. That’s gonna be fun stuff. LOVE LOVE LOVE pizza with a chocolate stuffed border. It’s the only way to eat pizza now.
Sounds like Erin is having lots of fun in Spain. That’s good because it’s always sweet to rock it out in another country.
Keagan,  good luck reading the BOM in 100 days. I picked up the BOM in Spanish and I have been reading. It’s pretty easy. Just change ção to ción, remember a few verb changes and PRESTO! You can read Spanish!
Let’s see, the rain finally stopped, a little. That’s been good. My leg hurt cause I kicked a wall. I’m pretty sure that my toe is better now. I’m not super fat anymore. I’m a little chubby but not super. My  brains are still leaving my head, and everyone is bugging me about it. I’m thinking about heating up a knife and cutting it off. (the birthmark on his forehead apparently is giving him problems)
Hey - but it would cool to have a box of candies again. =]  I’m in need of sugar.
That’s about it for this week. I don’t know what else to really say.
Oh, my house is 137 Portunhos. It’s just right behind Santo Antonio de Ossela, which is where the church is, by the main highway Belmira Marin.
Peace, love and happiness.

I used Google maps to find Elder Blackford's location. Below is a picture looking down his street. His apartment is just to the right but not visible in this picture.

This is Elder Blackford's apartment. He says that instead of peach colored it has since been painted red. You can see the number 137 on the wall to the left of the doorway.

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