Wednesday, February 13, 2013

January 28th 2013 Letter and Pictures!

This time I had less time to write cause I’m finally sending photos! I hope the quality ends up still good cause I cut the size down with some Brazilian program on the computer. lol That’s how it works.   =)
Let’s see…. the package of goodies- I miss skittles and Reeses and root beer barrels! Yup, that’s basically my request. Doesn’t even have to be big. Ha ha
So the rest of this last week, we had a reunion with two 70s, Craig Christiansen (of the presidency of the 70) and Marzagati (I think that’s how you spell it, idk). It was way cool! I ran into Elder Dial there. It was fun to talk with him quickly. Let’s see…. this week we had a lot of appointments fall through but we got some really good new references so I am excited to start working. We might have 3 baptisms here in 2 weeks, with 3 more on the way, so it’s going very good! I hope that all is well in Washington with everyone. Wow, this keyboard’s space bar is broken - it drives me nuts! erg.
I am really starting to learn a lot about being a missionary cause I am studying a lot the stories in Alma about the sons of Mosiah! Also I was reading the BOM in Portuguese and Spanish at the same time, and I found a grammatical error in Portuguese. Woo! Cool, neh?
I am pretty exhausted. We are running around a lot these days. I have started using tie clips and now everyone in the zone is using them. It has become the new popular thing.   =`) So yeah, I’m cool.
I still can’t believe that the time is flying by so fast.
Oh, we had interviews with Pres Pinho Friday...nothing new or fantastic, just normal.
I have been eating lots of chocolate.
How’s Erin in Spain? Is it spantastic?
Sorry, there aren’t question marks. This keyboard is in English, but programmed in Port, and there is 1 more line of buttons here, and so there isn’t a way to make them.
Elder Sabino is alright. He’s still super depressed all the time, but I goof around with him always. I’m learning how to just always be happy, it’s kinda fun. I will survive!
Pictures that Elder Blackford sent. I hope I have identified them correctly. Sometimes it's not clearly labeled when he sends them. :-)
Elder Blackford and Elder Costa (same ward, different companionship)
Elder Blackford, Elder Sabino (far left), other Elders in Cocaia at the Sao Paulo Temple
Elder Crandall, Elder Blackford and Elder ?? maybe Nacscimento - not certain
Baptism of Damiana and Mauricio
Vladimir and Jessica's wedding
Vladimir's Baptism
Elder Blackford and Elder Sabino

Elder Dial and Elder Blackford
Elder Dial is from Battle Ground, was in our ward and in Elder Blackford's class. He is also serving in Brazil but in a different mission.


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