Saturday, February 9, 2013

January 7th, 2013 Letter

Yup, there was a change! And I’m just saying it – I’m fine with it. Ha ha.

Ooh my gosh. I’m just dieing of laughing this week.
So first off, my new comp. His name is Elder Sabino, which is actually his first name. lol. His last name is Silva, but that’s like the most common last name that there is. We already 2 Elder S. Silva in our mission, so he went with his first name which isn’t even a common first name so it works out alright. He has 1 year and 2 months (1 more transfer than me). He’s from Pernambuco which is a state waaay in the north. He’s a super smart aleck and is always making funny comments. He’s very much like Brendan.
Also the other elders here didn’t get transferred. It’s now their 3rd transfer together, and they get along well. I like them both. We all joke around a lot, and lately I taught Elder Costa more English (they both can speak a bit, and Elder W. Souza is almost fluent on a basic level).
Anyway, I taught him how to do this…
"Hey, Elder, guess what?"
And like right now I got a call from them and that’s all he said and started laughing hysterically and hung up the phone. So yeah, it’s been going on all this week. I might end up regretting teaching them this, cause I’ve already reverted to kidnergarten. (his original spelling J) Ha ha.
As far as investigators, no one new still.
Vladimir is still super awesome, we taught him like everything now and it’s just reading scriptures and telling stories. It’s kind of funny, but he’s pumped for marriage and baptism. We had a little bbq with the 2nd counselor in the stake and his wife and Vladmir and Jessica. It was a riot. They are both super funny couples and everyone was just joking around - super cool.
We got a new WML, which I’m pumped cause he’s super funny and all. He’s the old bishop, so he works a lot in the church, our old WML didn’t have time to do anything.
We had a stuffed church - 140 people at church! We normally are at 80-100so this week as pretty rad.
Let’s see ….Elder Sabino is the youngest of 6, all of his siblings are members, and only 1 is inactive. His dad is a member, but he died a few years ago, still active in the church. His mom (his parents have always been together so get this) is an alcoholic, and she just drinks, and still just drinks, without shame. So it’s been something that was always rough for his dad and his brothers and sisters. He is the only one to serve a mission. Only 2 other siblings had the chance to serve but they didn’t so it’s just him as a missionary.
I don’t know - funny things happen like every day, ya know. I just don’t know always what you guys will find funny.
Man, Elder Nasicmento is, uhh, I don’t know how you guys say it…. It’s like someone who doesn’t want to spend money on anything. I think it’s called penny pincher? I’m not sure. Here it’s called Mão de vaca, or cow hand. (with the idea of you squeeze every last drop of milk out of the cow) .  He took everything with him, he even packed up milk and stuff in his suitcase everyone laughed at how full his stuff was. He doesn’t even leave the milk. A whole buck and he had to risk it exploding. He’s so weird. The new area he got will be funny, cause ya know he doesn’t spend money on ANYTHING. He saves all his money to buy clothes and stuff to collect for after the mission...but his new area is in an area that is just middle of nowhere, and he will spend lots of money taking the bus, so everyone got a good laugh.
Last transfer of Elder Crandall, then he’s off pretty crazy huh?
That’s about all I got, drink lots of milk and don’t let your dad eat too much pie.

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