Friday, February 1, 2013

November 19th Letter

No one has even told me the details on this Nathan. I’ve decided Erin needs to find men with another name. Too many Nathans in her life.

Naw, Brazil doesn’t have a holiday exactly like Thanksgiving, but remember, Brazil has TONS of holidays. It has over 20 holidays that like literally everything stops.
Package note: if you are to send packages there is like a tax thingy on all packages over 50$ in value, so when you go to send it ruin the value of things so that is stays under to allow it to get here fast.
Well here is the grand news about transfers and..... guess who was transferred?!...It was...My companion Elder F. Souza and his friend...Elder Blackford!
That’s right folks. We both were transferred at the same time. FREAAAK! We’re having to clean the house all up for the next missionaries and I don’t even know if we will remember everything. It’s really stressful. I have no idea why president is shutting this area and reopening it but.... ya know it seems I open and close things. When I left Lucelia we had to move to another house, so that house died with me as well. Wow, the computer I got today came with a keyboard that suucks.
So that’s like my big news. Oh and we found this all out while our phone is broken, our SIM card went out the chutes and it’s not working. Uuggh. So it looks like I’m headed back to São Paulo and the big city life. I’m excited and at the same time super sad because Miracatu is the best.
 The Paula Fernandez show was well spoken of. All the girls loved her outfit. The guys said the show was too short and it started late. Normal stuff.
 I am hoping that my companion learned all that he needed to with me. I know that he still has a lot to learn, and a lot of pride to lose, but he will lose it, you will see, one day.
 Well, I will have to leave that package of stuff for the missionaries here to give to Vinicius, but I know he will love it. =]
I bought new socks Saturday. Sunday basically know one went to church. I can’t lie, I was pretty stinkin’ frustrated with how many people here say they will go and then they don’t go. I just want to grab them and shake them and yell "why don’t you want to go to heaven!!!!!" That’s about it. It’s a sad story.
 I forgot a lot of English. It’s so hard these days. I really don’t like it - gives me a headache just trying to think in English for a long time.
 I’m kinda loopy cause of my sadness and how its freaking 6pm and I’m sweating like crazy. It’s so stinking hot here.
 Well, I love and miss you guys, and next week I will be in a new place with new people, doing the same old thing. It’s crazy to think I almost have a year but it’s good to know that I’m helping so many people learn about Jesus.
 Elder Blackford

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