Saturday, February 2, 2013

November 26th Letter

Well, I’m sure everyone is super pumped up to know where Elder Blackford is.

Let me start off by saying my package got to me the day of transfers and I gave the towel and jersey to the sisters to take to Vinicius, but I have not received any type of confirmation on these things. Also thanks for the goodies =].
So we got at the transfer meeting super excited. I could tell by the look on Elder F. Souza’s face he was a little nervous about what would happen. He got transferred to Campo Limpo, and he is with Elder Laughlin, who was in Iguape with us! Wo he already knows him and all, so I’m sure he is having a great time. Elder Laughlin is super funny, but has a big struggle with the language. He’s great.
So there I was, still waiting to know what will happen with me. Then finally my name is called, "Elder R. Nascimento recebe seu novo companheiro Elder Blackford!!!" but this is where you would not believe it, area "Cocaia A" and with this stunning announcement you hear about 15 or so missionarios say "you’re freaking kidding right?" You ask me what is this Cocaia A? Well, Cocaia has 2 sets of missionaries, and it is on the other side of the main road in Grajaú, right next to Lucélia.
Remember how when I was leaving Lucélia the huge new chapel was almost done? Well, it’s done, and now I’m frequenting it, and not only that so is my old ward. Wednesday I ran into Vanessa in the road, and a few other members saw me by car or bus, Sunday I spent a bunch of time talking with EVERYONE from my old ward! So our church starts 9:30 and lucélia starts 2pm but we had meeting and stuff with Pres of the quorum, Bishop and Stake Pres all this Sunday so yeah =P.
The first thing almost everyone said to me was "your super skinny!" Apparently I lost weight when I was gone in the countryside. It was funny. So let me get you updates on some of these people! ahhh sooo aweeesome.
Vanessa: she is still going to church! She went last week and this week, and was super excited to know that I am back. She is working these days but not Sundays. She’s not like super strong in the church still.
Maria Aparacida: she isn’t able to go to church because she is doing some sort of course, but Vagner (the WML) said she is being visited, and that they will tell her that she should go during the morning.
Larissa: she goes mostly to another ward with her cousins and stuff, but she’s going so yeah that’s what’s important.
Erlan: Ahhh! He is sooo awesome! Sunday was actually his birthday so I got to say happy birthday and give him a big hug but he said that his mom isn’t going to church anymore and that it’s been difficult (she’s breaking the 7th!) but he told me the best news a missionary can hear, "I’ve already met with the bishop and I’m doing my paperwork to go on a mission" Ahhh it was awesome to hear that. He plans on leaving exactly when he has 1 year, he said he knows that it’s been super hard these last few months and Satan is doing everything to keep him from going, so he wants to get out asap. Who knows if I will be here still when he gets his call! Only 6 more months and he can leave.
Gina + Family!! Ahhhh! Best thing ever! I walk by the chapel and as were walking in I hear this small child’s voice yell "Elder Black car!!" followed by more yells and running. Ha ha. Oh man, Gina has changed a ton! She wears "normal" church wear. She is used to the church lingo, she’s in the primary presidency and loving it. She also informed me that 3 other people on their street (which is really the little dead end part in the middle of the favella) have been baptized, and one more was baptized yesterday, with 4 more that will be baptized this month. They are such a special family, and it appears that almost everyone in the stake knows them now (with 5 super hyper active little boys it’s impossible not to have everyone know you)
Sandoval: he is doing super well! He is still teaching English and he is loving being the ward secretary, but he says that the whole stake auditor thing is a lot of work these days. But he was very super excited to see me as well.
There was also a bunch of people I left behind that have been baptized the elders were telling me. Lurdis got married and was baptized she also stopped smoking. Kayike is a 13 year old little punk who lives next door to a member when they moved. The member (rosana) was talking to Elder Lopes one day about something important (idk what) and Kayike was just on the street with a basketball, and he has a little hoop that he puts on their gate for the house, so I put down my backpack picked up the ball and played with him for like 15 min. and then like my 2nd to last day we passed by and taught him about baptism but he wasn’t interested. But the missionaries told me that he was always talking to them and excited when they passed by. It ended up that this relationship led to his mom being interested, she got baptised, and Kayike will be baptized at the end of the month, basically because I played basketball with him. And much, much more.  So I have been pretty pumped these last days hearing all about my old friends and stuff. Tons of people already knew me here in this new ward. But it’s good.
So my companion, Elder R. Nascimento is pretty cool. He is from the Baía (bay in English) and he is super short, and super strong. He does a ton of workouts during the morning and at night, and yeah. He jokes a lot, and talks a ton. yay! He loves clothing and stuff, he basically uses all his mission money to buy sunglasses hats watches and stuff like that. It’s going to a different experience with him. I have work to regain the confidence of the bishop, cause he wants nothing to do with the mission work, if anything he’s against it. Even a little girl at church was like "I feel sorry for you, your companion is a "fubeca" which is basically like slacker or lazy, which is kinda sad to see that even the 10 year old little girls have caught onto that. So, going to be spending a lot of time with motivation to work but it’s all good. Part of the mission.
Also, our house, Mom, was ridiculously dirty. My comp and his ex comp don’t do this whole cleaning thing. I already emptied out like 4 black trash bags of trash, got a ton of cleaning supplies and cleaned the heck out of our appt. The bathroom and kitchen were just moldy reeking, but now they have fresh lemon scents =].  
Yup… that’s about all I have time for. I typed a lot really fast so enjoy.
Peace and love.
Elder Blackford

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