Friday, March 22, 2013

March 18th 2013 Letter, I don’t have many and when I don’t I get lazy and don’t bring my camera. So yeah, sorry about that.

Wow, that’s super cool. New bispado! Wow. I don’t even remember who it was, but now I know that it’s different.
Also, I was thinking these days about my visa. It expired in December. I took all the papers there to have them renew it but....nothing still. I think others within my time group are taking forever to get their stuff in order...I’ve been ready for a long time.

Loring has a gf!?!??! Sorta, neh? His next step is working to get dear johned.
Umm, so yes, transfers happened, and I was anxiously looking at the phone the whole night, wondering what would happen....and no one called. So no one was transferred. So starts the 3rd transfer with Elder Sabino! It’s going to put me to the test on my energy level, cause the days when I’m tired, nothing happens cause I basically have to do everything. So let’s see. haha. Also the other Elders in Cocaia will stay, Elder Norman and Elder de Paula, so yup, it’s all chilllll.

I don’t know if my district will change with Grajau ward opening up again. I’ll update you if I have more missionaries or no.
English is super hard to remember, but our English classes that I do Saturdays are having an attendance of 30-40 people now. It’s going great!
The baptism of the two twins fell through for this week, so were going to try to help them for the end of the month. It’s still a little complicated there but I know it will all work out!
I am coming close to the end of Alma finally in Portuguese! I’m in capitulo 49. So that is kinda exciting! Also, I am doing some reading in the Bible in Portuguese. In 1 week I read until capitulo 29 in Genesis.
I’m trying to work really hard on my accent, this last week we were practicing a lot. I have a lot of words that I say a little wrong, but people understand me so no one ever told me but now Elder Sabino – I’m making him annoy the crap out of me correcting me. It sucks but it’s worth it. There are only a few sounds that I can’t seem to get down yet because my tongue is so floppy, bleh. If Ii can get it down, I bet by the end of this transfer many people won’t know right off the bat if I am a foreigner or not.   =P
Let’s see, I don’t really know what much else to say. In like 2 more transfers the mission is going to divide, and so I wonder what will happen to me.  hehe.
The google translator on the message this time did a horrible job but that’s ok.
My health is going well. My toenail that had grown into my toe… I managed to get it out with time, hot water in a bucket and a slightly heated knife. Now it’s going normal and the other part of the nail removed from my toe, so this is definitely the definition of happiness. And I didn’t buy anything to do it, just the common household product!
A little girl gave me a Barbie doll, but it’s not Barbie, in fact it’s Justin Bieber! And if Ii buy a new battery for him he sings baby! Don’t ask me why she gave it to me. I guess that’s how things go, ok?
I’m still trying to not be lazy and write more letters, but still the correios is really far away, and it takes up too much time.
So these last few weeks I was discussing with other Americans about a word in English. Let me give you a quick help. In Portuguese the verb Gastar= to use, to waste, to spend etc. So then during a district meeting (afterwards when everyone was just talking) the Americans were speaking English (new elders just dying to talk a little) and I said, "man I gasted all my time playing pokemon for gameboy too" and then another American said, "wow, what bad English and Portuguese mixed, gasted… haha." Then I was all, “no it’s a word!” and he was like no, you’re thinking of gastar, the verb and just making it English. So now I want to know if it’s a word, examples how u use it.
I gasted all my money at the casino.
I don’t want to drive to LA, that would gast all my money.
I gasted all my gas in the car.
OBS: remember I know it’s not gassed, as in the gas in the air and you are gassing something, so it’s different.
You’re using it instead of waste. Do we say that or no? Ii think we do, but no one was 100% sure on anything so we couldn’t get to a fixed answer. I still say it is.
And that’s about it, love peace and eat lots of chocolate.
Elder Blackford
PS: oh this week we bought 2 gallons of bubble gum ice cream, for only 15$ (in American dollars I converted for you) that’s awesome!

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