Tuesday, March 5, 2013

March 4th 2013 Letter

Wow, sounds like Erin is having a blast in Rome! It will definitely be an experience she will remember forever!

I’m almost better. My cold has improved, yup yup.
Hey, cool that you guys are watching Psych. Lance loved Psych, Tyler as well, so with them I have watched a few and I watched on the internet as well a few times, and back at home I’ve probably seen about 40 episodes. I don’t remember too well like off the top of my head. If I watched again I will remember, not like Spongebob where Ii remember basically every episode word for word still.
This week was rough cause we had a bunch of meetings and rain and stuff that got in the way, so we didn’t find any new people. We had a super frustrating lesson with Leticia’s mom (remember she lives with grandma who is a member, mom is unrepentant sinner). Mom was visiting and we talked with her about the baptism, she refused to let Leticia be baptized. She proved herself super ignorant, got caught up in some of her own lies and yet she wouldn’t do it. It was so sad. As we left I am still like bewildered at someone who can say "I have a lot of faith, probably the most faith in this room, but I believe that what I think is more correct then what God thinks." exact quote.... so everyone was pretty upset. Even her other kids who were visiting were like, Mom, you’re being stupid. Just let her be baptized, it’s obvious she wants to and it will be good for her, but nope... she resisted. We’re going to still see what happened because she doesn’t want to take care of her own daughter, and gave all the legal rights to her mom, which means she (Grandma) has the legal right to let her be baptized....complicated stuff but we will see what happens in the future, neh?
Everyone else is going regular so-so, next week should have baptisms so I will keep y´all updated on that. =]
My personal scripture study is going well. After about 6 months I’m in Alma 42 and this is just reading in straight Portuguese. I don’t even know where my scriptures are in English, but when I get back I’ll just have to buy the new version right? I heard there’s gonna be a super cool new English version. My studies in the BOM in Spanish along with Portuguese - I have found some grammar and punctuation errors in Portuguese.  =O   It’s kinda fun to always remember that man isn’t perfect.
I can’t believe that this week is the week of pregnancy! Only have 9 months left, just one more little baby! puuuush
I was wanting to fast, but I’ve been sick and then people plan so much food for us that I never get 24 hours without food. I like being fat but I’m working on finding time to fast. It’s hard in the heat - whew!
I think Ii will take a good nap today. Sleep is something that is so good, but I really wish I didn’t have to sleep so much. It would be cool if I could have more time to study and read, but I am always so tired during the morning and at night, I just sleep when I get the chance.
I hope that everyone is getting your scriptures read! It is super duper important to read the BOM errr day. And eat goldfish for me ok?
It’s super hot these days, and it’s good and bad, the good part is your clothes dry super fast, the bad part is you sweat doing nothing.
I’m sure everyone will have a great first week of March, let’s start the madness baby!
Elder Blackford

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