Wednesday, April 24, 2013

April 15th 2013 Letter and Pictures

So there we go …. I got the photos sent - at least some! There’s the baptism of Vera and of Lays and Layssa.

Looks like everyone had a fun time visiting good old Seattle, and soon your off too, Mom! Seems like life gets to be super busy now, how fun! I don’t think I remember having so many kind of guests and switches and stuff, except for being at college.
Yes, Ii got my package finally.  =]  It’s great! Also, yes, it’s starting to get a little cold here and there and I don’t know what to do! I got to find a cleaners asap cause of stupid clothes.

Umm, yeah, so, whew, the baptism of Vera actually happened this week! It was pretty much a super miracle, she stopped smoking Wednesday, and was with headache and a bunch of stuff, and she almost gave up, but she didn’t. Then we finally got to the baptism day, and she made it! That night I felt that we had to visit their family. It was already 8pm and we were at our ward activity, but we left and when we were heading there, out on the road was Vera, distressed in the rain, appears there was a little fight in house and due to the lack of nicotine she still is super on edge. She was thinking about just giving up again, but luckily when we showed up she said just seeing us it all went away and she knew it was gonna be ok, and she got better. She was confirmed yesterday...whew! So yeah, I’m so glad that we got her to this point. We will still pass by probably tomorrow to make sure she is going well, but I’m sure it will.  =]
I did 3 interviews for baptism, the other Elders in Cocaia baptized 2 people, and I also did an interview for Noronha - that was fun.  =]

Mellisa and Wendel didn’t go to church...Mauricio and Damiana as well. I don’t know what happened, first time they faltered, so we will see why, we can still try to baptize them on Sunday.
Other miracle, during the baptism at night of the 2 baptisms of Elder de Paula and Norman, I got a phone call from an ex-investigator who said she wanted to come to church and stuff. We passed by her house Sunday morning, and she went with us to church! So now were gonna go there tonight and see if she wants to be baptized! That would be awesome, her name is Taynara.

This is the last week of transfers. I already know that I will go. President has confirmed that for me, ha ha, but I’m trying to get everything super set for the next week transfer. Today I have to make a huge poster for our open house I am planning. It’s all me cause Elder Sabino was just like, yeah it should be cool but you gotta prep I’m doing it! My goal is to be able to have at least 300 people pass through so let’s see if I get there!
I’m not sure what more else to say...

Oh, temple! We go every 2 transfers each zone, due to it being closed we didn’t go this time in Grajaú, and also countryside doesn’t go, so I have only gone 3 times in all this, but who knows if I will go to a zone that will go next month! I hope so!
Also here soon my credit card and also my driver’s license will expire! Help me!

That’s about all I can think of. I loved the new shoe inserts. The grandma of a new member, a 13 year old kid - his name is João Victor, were are always doing visits with him and stuff - she gave me a new pair of shoes! Which was perfect timing cause my boots ripped strait out at the balm (not sure what word he was going for here). I was walking on the least they lasted 9 months, so I hope these new shoes can work out for the rest of my mission, if not I will prob buy 1 more pair - haha!
That’s how things roll...! Keep strong everyone, keep the love and Happy Birthday to Keagaroo!

Elder Blackford

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