Sunday, April 7, 2013

April 1st 2013 Letter

Easter was uh... good.  =D  As a matter of fact our lunch fell through. The sister thought that her day is always the 30th but the person doing the schedule thought that it was always the last day, and so she made a lunch for us Saturday..and we never showed up cause we didn’t know we had 2! So yeah, but we got a last minute Easter lunch arranged. It was good, here for Easter, Friday-Sunday it’s fish, fish, fish! Everyone eats fish! And I LOVED it!

Well, yeah, I’m sure my package is in the mission home...the problem is getting it.  Ha ha I don’t think I’ll get it for 3 more weeks maybe. I’m not going to spend over 3 hours to go to the mission home and come back just after the package. I’ll just wait until Pres. brings it to Grajaú when we have interviews on the 19th of April.
Naw, Brazil does not have April fool’s day.  =/
No, one of the twins was not baptized....they both were! So that was way good! It was an amazing baptism. Almost all of the young women showed up, and they sang a special song and everything. Next week I will have pictures. It was definitely a struggle with these girls, from the first Sunday - refusing to enter the classes and saying they would never talk with the girls there, to this Sunday going to the rehearsal for some program for mutual from 5-8 and loving it. It’s going super well.  =]  They are still working on the whole … have a changing heart, they still talk back to their mom a lot, argue, scream and swear at people, but change is a process and step for step. It will happen.  haha.
The old rule was the following for email/letters. Within mission boundaries everything was banned, email, letters, etc. Out of the mission was family, and with permission certain friends (per example I asked to send to other missionaries) and you could send short little emails. GF sempre was a NO! Now it’s just go for it. In/out of mission boundaries you just gotta use good sense. So you can literally write letters to girls in the ward where you are serving....but you gotta be smart, ask yourself like why are you writing this and if the focus is still on the mission. I was thinking maybe writing a letter to all the girls in the ward like this.
"you’re a great and amazing person. I bet you know a lot of great and amazing people that want to be baptized, please respond with name and address of your friend and a day that we can visit them!"
I bet we would baptize lots of people! Ha ha … kidding...ish.  That literally is how the rule is now, but I’m just like uhhh...?  I think the only thing I’m going to use it for is to contact people from Miracatu and see how they are.  Ha ha. So yup.
I’m doing a new "joke" these days with the youth. I say basically this…. "do you want to know how to say I am strong in English?" I am strong is "Sou Forte!"  I do like a fist in the air motion to go with it and they say how do I say "sou forte?" and I say "I Farted" and they hold their fist in the air and announce "I farted!" It’s great! The whole forte is with F and farted as well so it’s very believable. Ha ha ha ha. It’s great!
Let’s see, my comp is doing OK. He hasn’t had super down moments really anymore, but that’s not to say always super pumped. People always say it’s funny cause whenever I’m excited I start talking really loud and fast (go figure) and that Elder Sabino doesn’t do excited he is just chill...but hey, that’s what is called a team!
We got lots of people from English class that started going to church, but almost all of them are in the area of the other elders, which is still good. So it’s going well. One will be baptized in 2 weeks.  =]  She is pumped for her baptism.
That’s about all I can think of. I’m just really hungry right now. I didn’t eat lunch. I’ve really gotten used to regular missionary eating habits here...I just eat lunch. I almost never eat breakfast (mainly cause I don’t want to bother making something, and cereal here there is only frosted flakes, and it’s like 5$ for a small box which I eat in one sitting so it’s not worth it) and dinner I only eat when the sisters in the ward make one for us. If there’s not I just drink some water. Ha ha. Laziness, neh? But on a day when I wake up and I’m like, I’m pumped and hungry! I make homemade crepes or  pancakes normally for me and my comp.   =D
Conference will be at the Stakecenter (it is the Stakecenter that I go to that I live next to) and so normal stuff. It’s 1pm and 5pm here and we normally watch a rerun of priesthood Sunday at like 6am. =]
Also, I’m really using this whole new email thing. I send/responded to Matt a few times already today. Ha ha Go emails! Gotta baptize this kid!
My time is running out. Love and miss y'all but with sincerity not super much cause I love the work and gotta stay focused cause baptism is where it’s at!
Elder Blackford

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