Tuesday, April 30, 2013

April 22nd 2013 Letter

So what is the new news with Elder Blackford?

Wow, English is horrible. News has like new but at the same time it’s not, because news is new but new isn’t always news, because there is old news, which would be new olds as well? Sour.
Well, where I am going … I do not know, but it is confirmed that I will go... yeah. On a super awesome note, I had called to President this week. I talked up Elder Sabino  =P  and he was called as a trainer! So he is very, very, very excited, and I know he will do very well. I have gotten him to be obedient, and these last 2 weeks (knowing that he probably would be called) I spent my time teaching him stuff he didn’t know and preparing him to train someone, and it happened and so yeah, I feel this will keep him excited and involved in the work, and will strengthen him a lot.
Well, I was released as district leader...cause now I’m zone leader! Now just gotta see where I will go as zone leader.  Ha ha
Let’s see - also Elder Norman who was here in Cocaia in the other group was transferred as well, so now we gotta hope an American comes in one of our places cause we need a teacher for English class!
We had a wonderful open house. Lots of people came and we got lots of new people to teach. It was super duper awesome. Unfortunately, we didn’t have very many members show up to help us but whatever, I just do what I gotta do.
The other Elders had a baptism, it was really good. I did the interview a young woman super special. She changed her life...a lot. Think of everything wrong about the word of wisdom, law of chastity and she did it wrong, but she changed everything and wants to serve a mission, so will turn 17 here soon. (super note she is a reference from our English class. =]  Her sister goes to English class, and when they went to visit she got interest in the church!)
So yeah, things were super crazy this week, and so I didn’t have much time to rest.
Also, I went to JD. Lucélia this week. I got to visit everyone that I used to teach (special present for me!) and it was wonderful. Everyone is good, and I hope the people that I taught became interested this time and the Elders will have luck baptizing them.
Let’s see - sounds like things at home are good, and the vacation as well. I felt very excited on my insides to hear about Ethan going to Manaus (correct spelling). Manaus is the capital of the Amazons, so he’s going to Indian territory, but its great there. They just got a new temple that was dedicated (you prob heard last conference, but they announced this one about Rio Janeiro!). Brazil Manaus is the mission in Brazil that baptizes the most, the 2nd is São Paulo Interlagos. cause we are beasts. But we have more retention, so we have the best Real Growth in Brazil here.  =]
I don’t really know what much more to say this week. There was really lots of stuff, lots of laughs and all. I love this area – I’m super sad to be leaving, but I know that I’m leaving it in good hands.  =]
With flowery hugs and kisses,
Elder Blackford

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