Monday, April 15, 2013

April 8th 2013 Letter

Wooo! Fun week!

No, this week was a super busy and slightly stressful week but it all ended up pretty well with the conference. Yes, I got to see all of it, the hours are 1pm and 5 pm, and we watched a re-run of the Priesthood at 6am Sunday.
Ha ha ha, Elder Sabino has literally NO idea how to work computers. I don’t know if I have ever told you, but his computer knowledge is about a 7, on a scale of 7-1000. I’m sure Grandma knows a lot more. He still isn’t sure out how to put in websites in the URL
Sounds like everyone at home had a bunch of fun spending time with friends and all. Whoa…Tonya will go on a mission? That will be fun for her. How great! Baptize the twins and send them on missions, then they will meet lots of Mormon boys.
 Well what a great relief that Aunt Lyn made it, sounded like a good plot for a film.
 We had a little upset problem this week that was annoying... so we did a division one day, and during this time Elder Sabino went with Elder de Paula to the bank and then to a store to buy a new pair of pants for Elder de Paula. While he was trying on some pants, some dude in the store (appears that it must be a pastor of some sort) sat by Elder Sabino and started speaking jibberish (you know all the Pentacost churches that speak weird languages and think that it’s the spirit, when in fact it’s nothing). Anyway, he started saying a bunch to Elder Sabino and then he asked him what he said and the guy said that "god said he would leave the church and work for the devil" and a bunch of other stuff. Well, that sure didn’t help my comp. He basically went into a depression...ughh. So I’m working with this still but I’m sure he will get out of it soon. We have interviews with Pres. Pinho tomorrow here at the stake center so whatever wasn’t resolved he will resolve it up. Yay!
Let’s see… we might have a baptism this Saturday. Vera, the mom of Jessica and mother-in-law of Vladimir, decided that she will finally be baptized...just has to stop smoking, but she is determined and we have all this week for her to stop. So let’s go go go. She is only at 10 per day, which is relatively low so if we can cut to 3 tomorrow, stop Wednesday,  shabaam, baptism.  =]
Also, Mauricio got a girlyfriend, and she has gone 2x to church (including conference). Since the 20th is the last Saturday before transfers, let’s see if we can baptize her before the end.  =]
 Let’s see …. what else. We watched conference in English in the high council room, which has AC, and I’m so not used to it that I got a cold from staying in there..bleh.
But that will pass soon, lol.
 That’s how things are going. Also, Saturday night we had a meeting with the stake pres here, and how they want to make a bunch of people elders this next conference. There are over 45 people to give the Melchezidek priesthood and like 12 names were in our ward, so woot woot! 45 holders of the priesthood=2 new wards in a stake, so we got to train them and all and BAM soon the stake will divide, and the work of the Lord will go on! I’m pumped! 
My BOM reading is going really well. I am in Helaman, like chap 6 I think, so I’m getting closer every day to finishing in Portuguese! Woo! Also, I have another BOM that I am doing a "Christ attribute book" where I am only marking all the scriptures in colors based on Christlike attributes. It’s going to be a great quick reference guide.   =D  So that’s what my free time is doing right now.

 I am super pumped that it’s getting colder here each week. It’s still 70s but I can’t wait to get some refreshing weather. I just got to clean my stuff. My jacket and one of my suits is a little moldy cause of the climate. Gotta take it to the cleaners, but then it will be awesome!
Yep, that’s about all I got, so yeah, but good that I’m leaving the lan house now, cause a bunch of kids just came in swearing a ton while playing counterstrike so yup… go go go!
Peace out everyone! Love and miss you, have a great week!
Wow, can’t believe that I did 1 year and 4 months yesterday so CRAZY!
Elder Blackford

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