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March 25th 2013 Letter

I’m still going nuts on the whole new missionary rule - that we can send email and write letters to everyone! I don’t know if you guys heard, but the first presidency announced it. These days, we can write letters/emails to anyone and that it is now "personal responsibility" for our words and all in letters and stuff. Cool, but weird, still no one in the mission has fully been able to accept it because it’s so weird.

Things are going well here in Cocaia. We are working super hard. This week probably one of the twins will be baptized. The other one is being a smart aleck and isn’t reading or praying and says she isn’t ready. We were like, duh, you haven’t even tried, but the other one is, so let’s hope all goes well.
English class is going well. It’s been like 2 months now. About 1/7 are members woo! We’re working on getting even more people. Our goal is to have 2 classes, one with 15+ adults and 35+ kids in the other, and then start throwing everyone in the water- sploosh!
The accent is going alright. It’s the freaking sound of lh that I can’t seem to get still. The way I say it (all Americans) puts the sound of lee-o but it’s more a lee-uh-o so it’s really hard cause it’s like almost the same thing, but it’s wrong cause the ee sound doesn’t actually exist, it does but it doesn’t. It’s hard to explain but know it’s hard and annoying. And these are with common words too.




its dumb.

Whhhaaat? The word gasted doesn’t exist in English? freak man... I was so sure it did.
Let’s see, as far as new investigators…. we didn’t have any that went to church (new) just the same old. Not too much, the twins are still driving us nuts but the baptism Saturday - I hope happens, they need it.
We had a movie night Saturday! It was pretty cool, we watched facing the giants.
I don’t know if you guys have ever seen it, but it’s like a "gospel film" so there is some like parts a little weird. You know, the dude kneeling on the ground with hands in the air praising Jesus. But it’s a tight film. It’s about a football team from like Texas or something like that. I just know that in English their accents are super heavy and it annoys the crap outta me, so the Portuguese dubbed part was way better, they weren’t as strange.
It’s weird cause I remember at the start of the mission (like first 10 months or so) I didn’t like films in Portuguese. It just gave me a headache, and I couldn’t understand always who was talking. Now it doesn’t matter, Portuguese or English, and it can even be in Spanish cause I’ll get more than half of it. but yeah =D
The ward, Grajau, lost its missionaries, due to lack of member effort in the ward. That happened, imagine how they felt, they were without missionaries, with 3 other wards in the same stake with 2 sets. Yeah, they repented and now I’m sure they will help with the work.
Oh yeah, and Friday night the 1st counselor of the bishop called and was all, oh hey, Elder, so Sunday can you guys give talks? And I was all, sure, and he was like ok! Tell Elder Sabino he will give a 5 min talk, Elder Norman 7 min talk, and you will give a 20 min talk. Topic is missionary work! Thanks!
So yup, I was like whyyyyy…. but yeah my talk was really good. It was fun, I talked about my fear of horses, and how out scout camp one year I had to ride a little horse that jumped over logs and I was scared half to death, and to this day I still am scared of horses. Then I compared it to how everyone is with sharing the gospel, we have a little fear, then one day we decided we would do it, just like I did at scout camp, overcame my fear, but in the didn’t work. I didn’t like it, and just like sharing the gospel people didn’t accept, they didn’t come to church, and all that. and then I was like, it’s been 6 years since I have tried again to ride a horse, how long has it been that we have tried to share the gospel with these people? Then I challenged everyone to renew their faith and try again, and Ii promised them that one day after the mission I will try again to ride a horse.
Also, I talked about inviting, and I used the example that it doesn’t matter that you tell your children the dishes are dirty, that doesn’t change anything cause they probably knew that they are dirty, you gotta invite them to do the dishes, and then they have their choice to obey or not, and when we share the gospel we have to first explain, or bear our testimony, and then invite the person to do something, that’s where the action and change takes place.
And the bishop announced afterwards that I will send him the picture and he will put it up in the ward haha.
I froze halfway through my talk, because Pres Pinho showed up, so I wasn’t like nervous at all, not in the least until I saw him. Then I got a little. It was weird, I literally had like 2 butterflies in my stomach before, I am so used to it now.
Let’s see, but that’s about all I got for today, I still think that more questions will help cause it helps me keep focused otherwise I just type whatever is in my mind.
Hope everyone is healthy and happy, eating lots of goldfish for me. And don’t forget cheap grape soda!
Elder Blackford

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