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April 29th 2013 Letter

Information Nation – that’s what I say.
My new area is Caucaia do Alto II (that’s the roman numbers for 2). It is a small city that is part of the region called Cotia. It’s right by the city of São Paulo.

 <<this is a crab

My companion is Elder Warner, he has 1 year and 8 months on the mission. He is from Alaska! I already knew him as in his area before here was Residencia Cocaia, which is right next to Cocaia. Yes, the name of my area is almost identical.

The name of our zone is Cotia.
Luckily, (sorry Erin) there aren’t any sisters in our zone. Our zone consists of 3 districts, and 7 missionary couples. So we have 3 district leaders, and me and Elder Warner are the zone leaders. We pick up the cities of Cotia, Grande Viana, Vargim Grande, and Ibiúna.
Just to make things even funnier, as zone leaders we report to the assistants to the President, and each of them has specific zones that they focus, so they split up the mission in half and each takes half. The name of the Assistant is Elder Grant Longley that follows us up, so I end up talking to him like 3-4 times a week on the phone. He just got called as assistant. He has had over 9 months as zone leader. How funny. Six months ago he was the zone leader in Cotia (but he was in a different area) as well as Elder Crandall finished his mission as the zone leader of Cotia. (also in a different area)
To add more flavor, the companion of the district leader who follows us up is Elder R. Nascimento. Ha ha So he’s in my district.
As a zone leader we follow up with the district leaders on their districts. So numbers, health, obedience, and that stuff, and we pass it to the assistants. We also plan training stuff and splits with the other missionaries to try to teach them certain skills on how to teach, plan, and work effectively. It’s pretty much that, so I have power to authorize or not authorize missionaries to do lots of stuff. (such as call the mission office or the assistants about problems, if they want permission to leave their area to do who knows what, all that stuff) Unfortunately, I have to be stern with people. Now, I like being happy-go lucky but oh well, I’ll try to do both.
Let me think what else...we live on a little street that’s on the other side of the road of the chapel. Wwe live above another member, actually he was called the 2nd counselor to the bishop yesterday. This ward is AMAZING. I got here and everyone gives references. We got 11 solid references this week. We had over 12 people visiting church, and we got lots of people to teach. We have like 7 baptisms planned already for the end of the month that we marked this week. This Saturday we have 1 couple to bring to the courthouse thingy ( I don’t know the name in English. It’s called Cartório in Portuguese) to get them married. So we will mark the date of their marriage. The husband was inactive but the wife is trying to get him to go to church and she wants to be baptized.We have 2 other couples that next week we will mark their marriage as well and then baptize!
Everything exploded this week, there were only a few people to teach but it got way bigger!
I’m doing super well. I’m starting to really grow a lot.
Oh in my place went a Brazilian, and I don’t know who went to Cocaia B so I hope it was, or else Lucélia took over, which would still work, neh?
Holy crap are you serious? It’s already time for another skype call? I’m not gonna lie, that’s pretty crazy, cause I feel like we just did one like the other day wasn’t it? Wow the mission passes by so fast... this is squirrel nuts.
Love Elder Blackford

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