Sunday, May 19, 2013

May 13th 2013 Letter

Yes,  this is my church.   =]  You found it! And it looks exactly like that still. It is a cool little church. =] (referring to the picture posted in the last blog)

It was great to talk to you all for Mother’ Day. I don’t remember much of Keagan’s voice but that’s chill. It is crazy to think that it won’t be too long before I go back home, but I’m trying to take advantage of every day. I had a lot of emails from people this week. I don’t know why but it went nuts. I am glad that everyone is good and that the call worked out all right. Only Erin missed a little bit but whatever. I’im not even gonna see her for 2 more years so I’ll just get over it. I’ll try to write some cards today.
I am super excited to be in this work. I feel my testimony grow each and every day, and the more work the better because the more you serve the more happiness you have, just like the Son of man came to serve, we too must serve rather than be served. That is how things roll.

Also, I hope that everyone else in the family will get lots of sun, cause here soon it’s gonna be COOOLD so yup yup.
I am here in the lan house and I just have to say that computers are like something weird for me. I am so not used to this whole technology thing anymore. I find it weird.

So what are the family regular activities? Do you all play games together these days? What games? And FHE? It seems there are lots of FHE activities super fun we always do here, it makes me actually want to have FHE. Also, do you guys still eat lots of ice cream? I bet that’s why Dad is a lacty, cause he always ate ice cream at night. Do you have animals by the house still? Here there is nothing much besides lots of weird bugs and the street dogs, they always bark at you and attack your heels. This morning I kicked one in the face that tried to get me when we were running.
Also, I forgot to say that while we were waiting for the dumb street phone that a car hit a dude on a motorcycle right in fun of us. It was the pizza guy. I felt sorry cause probably the pizza got all funky when he fell, what a waste, but he was ok. He didn’t die, good thing he had a helmet!
I think today for lunch were gonna make a bunch of meat stuff.
I bought a package of marshmallows, but they are different here, because they mix it with cow skin so it’s a lot more hard. It’s not so fluffy but what a fun taste!
Hey so that’s what I got cause I said a lot yesterday but next week I shall have more to see go in peace!
Loves you all

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