Wednesday, May 22, 2013

May 20th 2013 Letter

Wow, sounds like a lot of busy crazy stuff back at home!

I’m just letting you know that knocking doors stinks. It’s good that in my area we haven’t knocked doors since I got’s a big time waster. But it is very funny at times.
Tell Keagster congratz on the grandma project. I just wanna know if there was a life sized cutout to dance with. Sounds like everywhere on the family things are difficult.  =/
So let me see, this week was really busy (like always) but we had a lot of problems with baptisms falling through. Alex and Anderson, two 14 year old kids passed interview and everything, but Anderson wants to be baptized with Alex, and Alex’s mom is literally from hell, and she won’t let him go to church or be baptized in the moment. She told him he is better off living on the street and doing drugs and she hopes he ends up in jail. Yeah, I told you, it’s literally mother from hell. So this is kinda weird, but we’re going to have to end up like tricking her into letting him be baptized or something because reason doesn’t work.
Gelson also was all excited, then Thursday he decided that he likes drinking and smoking so after 2 weeks of not doing this stuff he started again "just because". So that was also very frustrating. and then Henrik, who also is all ready for baptism, decided that he doesn’t know if he likes our church or this other one more, that is by his house where his other sister goes. (it’s one of those crazy ones where people like put their hands on their heads and start yelling LEAVE SATAN LEAVE! to get rid of their "demons" and then pay 50 bucks for the demon to never come back, you think I’m kidding but I’m not.) So yeah,  that’s kinda difficult as well. Jean, he is going well, he’s still excited for baptism. Just after church we showed up 20 min late to our appointment and he got sad and thought we might not come, so he bought some beer. ?? Yeah, makes no sense, but when we showed up he threw it all out and gave me the rest of his cigarettes - so let’s see how he does this week. His little sister also loved the church so she prob will be baptized with him. Tomorrow or Wednesday we are going to the cartório to try to do 2 marriages, but we are still working out how were gonna pay for these ones(it won’t be free - sadface)
No, I don’t know the name of the spider... (we asked if he knew the name of the huge spiders he sees)
I live on the other side of the road from the church. Go like 50m towards Cotia from the church (leaving Caucaia) and it’s the first road that doesn’t have an exist on the other side. Iit’s like the only road by the church except the road at the fork. First house man!
Yes, I signed the paper thingy, but the mail here is sketchy. Elder Warner said that the Elder here before me sent 15 letters, and 2 arrived... so yeah, I will send it tomorrow when I’m in São Paulo for a zone conference (in which Elder Longley called me to sing a solo thingy, laamesause, but I won’t sing solo anymore whew.) But, yeah, so that’s how it will roll. I’ll send it on the faster line, it’s gonna cost me like 1 more buck but I think it gets there in like 10 days.
This week was just all good and chill. The temp is dropping, and yes, Erin, at night it’s now being 4 degrees C sometimes, which is cold like a boss.
I was sick this whole week but we didn’t lose any work time. I just slept a little while Elder did some follow up calls and stuff and I drank lots of water! And woo I’m better...almost.
So yeah, I love the work. I will end 3 Nephi today, so it’s going good my scripture reading.
Elder Blackford

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