Wednesday, May 29, 2013

May 27th 2013 Letter

Wow, that is so crazy that Loring is about to go on a mission! That is pretty nuts, and like here in 2 weeks I will be at the 1 year 6 month mark. That also is NUTS.

Let’s see, this week, just like all of our weeks here, was ridiculously busy. It’s not just being ZL. It’s all the stuff we have in our ward. This is by far the BEST ward I have seen on my mission. Yesterday the bishopric visited our investigators. We had people of the quorum visiting our new RC (Jean was baptized Saturday - wooo!) I forgot my camera but next week I’ll send photos. Everyone is like working super hard. We had 7 investigators at church, and 6 visitors, and that’s a lot when there’s only like 120 people at church, so like 10% aren’t members and we’re working hard to change that. hehe.
Jean’s baptism was awesome. He is 19 years old, lives with his 12 year old sister, mom and step-dad. The whole family went to the baptism and his step-dad didn’t go to church cause was a little sick. They loved it. His sister will probably be baptized here soon, and his mom LOVED the church and so yeah, it’s going super well. So a whole new family.
Man, we got things so well coordinated I do have to say. Sunday we had a member leave his car at an investigator’s house and then he walked to work, the investigator’s used the members car to pick up OTHER investigators that  he met when we had our family night activity Saturday and brought them to church. Nothing is better than investigators bring investigators.
Also, I have a sad story for this week. So we went to the cartório to order a new birth certificate for an investigator that needs to get married, and its 150 rais. Since they don’t have money, and the bishop said he could help with half, I said I would get the other half. So we go there and they are like hey, we don’t accept credit cards (all government stuff doesn’t, idk why) so I was like ok.. I have some moniez in house and I use my mission money to pay it, then I will take the other out of bank from home and woo everything is chill.
Well...I tried like 7 banks, and my personal card isn’t allowed to take money out of banks. So basically we got like screwed here ha ha cause Elder ran out of money as well, so were down to like 20 bucks until Saturday...and we got lots of transport still. But look on the bright side we get to fast =D. but yeah maybe you can see why my credit card doesn’t work. Ii used it at HSBC which is an international bank, all the Americans use it. So... weird.
Let’s see… also this Wednesday we have a meeting of leadership about the new mission and how things are gonna go down so yup yup. I’m stoked. Next week also we will have news on if we are transferred or anything. So crazy stuff going on here you all probably don’t even know.
So yeah, that’s about the rundown. I was with a bad cold but I’m better. Also I am excited just like always to work, work, work!
Love you all! Remember to always pray and to read the scriptures! This week everyone should read 2 Nephi 2 because it’s like super important to understand man.
Elder ravishlygoodlooking Blackford

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