Friday, May 10, 2013

May 6th 2013 Letter

Let me see, I don’t know our street name, and no that’s not our bishops name …. It’s Oliveira... and we got lots of baptisms programmed for the 18th, and 1 this week on Saturday so yeah. Tomorrow we have a meeting with all the LZs and the assistentes so Ii will see him I’ll take a pic.   =] 
(we told Braden he should get another picture with Elder Grant Longley – who is from Bainbridge)

That is super awesome for Tonya! Tell her that’s super boss for me. (Erin's friend, Tonya, received her mission call to Las Vegas - she leave in June)
So, oh yeah, the mom’s day call! So our lunch will be with a member who has the gear to do skype, and so it will probably be with him at the time, but he lives in another neighborhood, so prob will be at lunch, which is like 2-2:30pm I’ll call, so that’s like 10am there... I know that’s pretty bad because of church but that’s what I got so looks like y´all will get there late...sorry about that! But whatever happens, Saturday I’ll prob give a call to mom’s cell phone, cause once again it’s the only number I still remember.  lol  So I’ll confirm on Saturday!
But yeah,  so there’s that. This week was really good, we had some divisions. I went over to Granja Viana to do an interview for baptism. We ate lunch with a super rich Asian woman. She made lots of food, we ate fish, and there was curry for the rice and beans..yum!
Let’s see ….we taught a ton of people this week, and with all our divisions with the other missionaries like I was gone Friday, and Saturday we spent the whole day on a split with members. I was visiting some people that I didn’t even know so it’s like it seems I am teaching everyone off and on. It’s kinda nuts, but it’s good cause we got lots of people. Just last night looking at our schedule we have a visit every day at 6, 7 and 8 pm, we don’t have time to visit many more people!
Things are going well with our companionship. Elder Warner is super awesome! He is a really hard worker. It’s kinda fun to tease him (lots of the Elders do) because he was a sheltered child, but don’t worry, I don’t make that much fun because it’s like we just work and baptize! But it’s funny. He’s not socially awkward, totally normal, just he’s never had a gf or even had a coca-cola! It’s chill cause then I drink more coca! So yeah, that’s good.
It’s been getting really cold at night here, and soon it’s going to be cold during the day..which is good and bad, really the worst part is the rain. Rain stinks, cause it rains hard and a lot.
My eating habits are good. I am making lots of food and we are eating super well, lots of fruit...but like pancakes every day! Yes, that is good! Pizza - I haven’t been eating lots lately but I guess that is good too.
Well everyone has to stay in good health. It is not very nice to get sick and stuff, so DRINK LOTS OF ORANGE JUICE,  it’s super good.
This is Elder Blackford....over and out!

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