Tuesday, June 11, 2013

June 10th 2013 Letter

Hope everything goes swell in Michigan for you people. Man, the space bar is broken on this computer. I am like slamming it to get it to work. lol.

Crazy sauce with crazy bread that Loring is out on the mission now! It is pretty crazy my dear friends.  Soon everyone else is out as well. It will be fun.
Yeah, in our zone there are sisters -over in Graja Viana. It will take a month for them just to know their area so yeah... let’s hope they can get working soon.
Umm, mission changes are all set I think, we will be Oeste here, the mission office will stay the same, interlagos is going to Santo Amaro so cool beans. It would have been cool if our office could have been somewhere in Osasco but whatever. (Osasco is on the west side of the city of Sao Paulo, Santo Amaro is more on the south side of Sao Paulo)
I find it funny that I am used to traveling in a giant city like this. I don’t really get lost anymore cause we travel to meeting and know where all the parts of the city are in this region. It’s hard to get lost.
As far as the updates go on investigators - we had our cinema with Cleber and Glacie… we watched Together Forever (let’s get those teardrops rolling!) and we did it with some members present as well. It was cool, Glacie had to work Sunday but Cleber went to church he said he took her out to pizza Saturday night. They want to still get married. Gglacie just wanted Cleber to apologize for some things. I believe he fixed it all so we are going there tonight and we will mark another day.
Oh, other update. I’ve been super sick since last Monday. I started getting sick and it’s been a week now, with headaches, runny nose, and super sore throat. I am taking meds, but now my voice is gone. I can hardly talk, what a poop. I’m still coughing a lot.
We had Cristiano planned for baptism yesterday, but for some reason he just keeps saying "I need more knowledge" so we gotta figure out his problem.
2 couples we got going to church need to divorce to re-marry, so that’s going to be with the missionaries that are here when I’m back at home, cause it’s gonna take forever. But we got members that are really good to work with them so that way the work doesn’t’ get lost with transfers. So one day a missionary will show up to baptize like 4 families that we prepped for him.  Ha ha.
On a scale of 1-7 of sadness with 7 being the galls of bitterness, I‘m about a 7 when it comes to one of our latest challenges. Jean (who was recently baptized) has come across a new and ridiculous challenge. While he had stopped drinking and smoking in preparation for baptism he was a happy little camper, he was always smiling and animated, this week all of a sudden, the happiness stopped. We noticed something was off. He also didn’t go to church. So unfortunately he had a small fall, and smoked again, but this isn’t the real problem. Smoking is something relatively easy to fix with faith. Because he got so down on himself on the fact that he fell, he picked up the beer. Then went even more nuts and picked up the marijuana, and then grabbed so cocaine to go with it. You can imagine the stress that it put on his family right now. His parents (who are on our list of divorce to marry) are now super determined to go to church and follow this path to be able to help him. The bishopric is aware and there’s some stuff that’s gonna happen this week to help him but still... this is what I call a sticky situation.
That’s my crazy report for the week.
Hugs, kisses and high fives.
Elder Blackford

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