Friday, June 21, 2013

June 17th 2013 Letter

Wooow Josh Snider! That makes me super happy to know that he is off to the mission. He will be a crazy awesome missionary.

Oh, so, like we got an email that the mission office moved this week but idk what that means, cause it’s the OTHER mission - good ol´ Interlagos. So I think Oeste will stay. Anyway, I’ll keep you all up to the dates on this biznaz.
Loring is having a blast at the MTC. I’ve been in contact with him via email (the power of the internet, online!)
Sounds like everyone is having a super blast over there in Michigan. That’s so good that people are keeping track of rabbits. That’s the best reason I have in mind to travel. Ha ha, I shall go to the other side of the world, to look at rabbits.
I’m sure next week Erin will be super stoked out if her call was opened. Será que vai pra Brasil?
Let me see, yeah, this week was good.
I’m still like kinda sick, and my comp is now like sick. It’s killing us - this super powerful cold. I stay coughing every night and he is getting headaches and all. But don’t worry, all the people we teach are knowing we’re sick so when we show up they always have an herbal tea thingy for us to drink so we are staying healthy. Today I plan on buying cereal and eating it. It will be like the 2nd time in over a year to eat cereal so I’m pretty stoked. It’s like the Brazilian version of frosted flakes.
We have a baptism planned for this week. Cristiano was a dummy this week and messed with our heads but now it’s all settled. He was supposed to be baptized Sunday but due to problems with the miss, (GF/friend with benefits) we had some problems but today were going to meet her for the first time with him, and get them to commit to live that good old law of the 7th (thanks Moses!) and then mark her to be baptized the end of this month.  woo woo.
Let’s see-  also we had some people fall out from the teaching group.
The 13th of July is going to be super boss. It’s the last Saturday before the transfer...and there’s going to be a wedding and a baptism, Cleber and Glacie! boooya!
One of our other investigators (the one that I paid for the birth certificate and all that) went super bonkers. The dude ended up beating her in the road, because she asked for money to buy medicine for the baby and he wanted the money to buy drugs. Well crap for drugs. and now she’s in Cotia with her sis and he’s on the crazy train. We shall see how this story winds up.
Jean is a lot better these days, he quit his work and is now working with the bishop and has almost quit smoking (again) and he is no longer crazy talking with himself. He didn’t go to church again but his family went so things are getting better. The ward is working hard.
We got 2 new young dudes who want to be baptized but the problem will be parents’ permission, so were working up a super scheme with some people to do a FHE at a members house without these super religious crazy ladies there and then like BAM spirit, and BAM signature and BAM baptism.
There are a lot of evangelical and Pentecostal churches here, and they have crazy rules. Like the women can’t cut hair, paint nails or even cut nails. It’s gross, like hair on head or legs or armpits. And also can’t use jeans. And there’s lots of these single women around here so yeah. I think there is some brainwash going on...
On another note, I finished Moroni! yay! Now I have to go back and read 2 Nephi 7-24 because I skipped Isaías. Cause I don’t understand it, and got worse in Portuguese.
We went to the temple Friday. It was awesome. We went to Walwart. I ate like 5 jelly filled powdered donuts. That was great as well. Walmart is Brazilianized but it does have some American stuff.
I’m excited for this week it will be full of fun stuff.
That’s about all i really got for this week.
Oh, wait, super story
We went to visit a reference with a sister in our ward after lunch and her 2 little kids went with us (like 2 and 4 years old) so were at the door of this lady talking to her, and the 2 kids are just playing on the road and stuff and playing with a stray dog that was there. While we are in the middle of teaching this lady some stuff, inviting her to church, we hear the sound of someone peeing. Well, me, my comp and the sister looked and the 2 year olds’ pants are down and he is peeing in the grass where all the cars can see him and like the lady didn’t see him, but we all started laughing and she didn’t understand why. Wow, it was great. This sister is a returned missionary so yeah she thought it was funny too, but she did give him a good spanking afterwards!
So yeah, that’s this week.
Love and hugs for all
Elder Blackford

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