Monday, June 24, 2013

June 24th 2013 Letter

Arizona wooooow! That’s gonna be super sick. Wow she leaves close to me and like yeah.

So to explain some stuff let me explain this week.
Wednesday we did a division, and Elder Warner went to Caucaia 1 and they went off to "os grilos" or in Inglish, the crickets! So you can imagine how far out this tiny neighborhood is. While they were out there the phone died, but it didn’t even have signal. Pres Pinho gave a call, and I was like, yo, sup prezzzz and he was like, I need to talk to Elder Warner, and I was like, but he’s not here. I didn’t even get to contact him until like 9pm. Anyway,  Pres Pinho called again at like 7 and was,  oops, he won’t be transferred now and I was like, huuuuh? He explained that Salt Lake was all, hey, you can’t leave people that will go home really soon in the new mission and then he was like ok, but then they were like ooh he won’t go home until the end of august. So they left it.
The dude working here is listening to the crappiest techno ever, its giving me desire to punch someone. It’s just crap, not like dirty but just it isn’t cool.
Anyway, so yeah so Elder Warner was almost transferred.
Then we went to the chapel in Ferreira Thurs for our acomp. of ZLs and like tooons of people were transferred to do a mini transfer to prep for the split. We got some people who went in our zone, we got Elder Vincent from Cabo Verde. Our African bro!
One elder in our zone got São Paulo Norte! haha that suucks. (rivalry teehee)
So it seems the split will be the first of July but Pres when he talked to me, I asked about transfers and he said that the new president will pick the date when he will start moving people around, so it may change and probably will, so it seems that this may affect the date of going home, so we shall see but who knows. But to me it doesn’t matter just keep working until times up, neh?
So that’s the craziness here.
We had the baptism of Christiano yesterday, but that’s not even his real name. It’s Kalebri, which is sicktightballin. The spirit was strong and the baptism. It was good. Our water heater thingy is still broken so it was coooold. Good thing it was Kilton and not me. (remember Kilton from mother’s day?) We had lunch with him Sunday it was cool.
Wwe also had super freak out psychoness Saturday man. We helped with the move of Kilton’s mom and stepdad. In which he, his wife, and some others started screaming, swearing ,threatening and beating. Yeah, it got nuts. So the story goes like this - the daughter of Kilton’s stepdad is psychotic, like in the all out literal sense. But not to the point that the government will put her away and due to her threats to kill people, refusal to do lots of normal stuff, disgusting habit of life, her dad and stepmom were driven to the point of craziness. They are moving to another city here on the other side of Cotia. Basically this process has made the whole family on edge, you can imagine leaving your own house, to a maniac, and going to rent a house is already crazy, and the fact for Kilton that his mom is leaving from the same neighborhood to somewhere else because of this woman, who isn’t even technically related to him, has put on pressure. It was nuts. Point is, she’s crazy, crazy situation, and I was like whooa, nuts, we had to help restrain some people from killing the maniac. That’s how that floats.
Other news - we had a FHE with Cleber and Glacie, it was awesome. woooo 13 july!
Don’t worry about all the riots that they are passing on the TV here in São Paulo. It’s because of the price of the buses and stuff, but there’s a lot of passive, it’s just there’s always those few idiots that go crazy, but the idea is really to do passive demonstrations, so no worries kk? I am in more danger still in the favellas where I live than being close by the demonstrations.
My health is great again. I’im doing well and as always pumped.
New investigators - we got Elaine and Bruno, mom and son, he’s 17 and she’s like 40. They LOVED church. We had to have them go by car cause they live a little ways away in Agreste, and like she is going through chemotherapy, so she’s pretty fragile, but she’s getting better. She was in a wheelchair but now she’s walking, slowly, but walking. She regained her faith and feels this is her moment to show it to Jesus, and she will be baptized on the 7th.  =)  Bruno as well, he’s gotta quit smoking but let’s go for it!
So, gratz to the cheese girl for going to Arizona, I am so excited.
Love y’all, hugs and kisses and cheese.
Oh, and I already got my package full of yum. Thanks mom!
Elder Blackford

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