Friday, June 7, 2013

June 3rd 2013 Letter and Pictures

Tomorrow is transfers and there is a LOT of changes about to be happening in the mission. Lots and lots and LOTS of areas are closing down and will be re-opening. It seems that president is getting ready to do lots of white washing on areas.
So here’s how it worked out. The infamous duo, Elder Blackford and Elder Warner will NOT be transferred.   =]  So we both stayed.  yay! We are pumped for another transfer of hard work. On the flippy dippy side, we are the ONLY companionship in our zone that will stay together. Elder R. Nascimento and Elder Taylor here were both transferred, Ibiuna - both were transferred, Granja Viana - both were transferred, and the other 3 areas someone was transferred. So we got lots of work to help the new missionaries figure out their areas and how to get to Cotia to our district meeting and lots and lots. And we also don’t know yet (I will know tomorrow) if any of these 3 areas will get sisters, but that’s probably super likely that at least 1 if not 2 will be sisters. So yeah, it’s pretty craziness.
We had the baptism of Joice this week. It was a hard week to get her ready to be baptized. We have so many people in our teaching group that are like falling out, many coming in. We had Cleber and Glacie marked to go to the cartorio and mark the marriage but they had a fight last night and this morning Cleber left the house so  that fell through...the adversary works, man, and it annoys me when he does it at times of importance...which is like always when he works... it gives me the desire to punch someone.
So yeah, our week was good. We got lots of good stuff happening and the members are 100% with us still. We are working really well and are pumped to get them pumped to baptize everyone!

It is crazy to think that this week I will do 1 year and 6 months. That’s a lot of time bromanski but I guess that’s how this whole mission thing works!
Hey, mom, you never got me Michelle’s address...

Oh yeah, mom, I gotta tell you something that it’s been like 2 months that I’ve been wanting to tell you but every time I sit in front of the computer to do email I forget!
So when this last transfer started, was the end of the mission of Elder J. Oliveira (he was the district leader here in Vargem Grande in this zone) and I was talking to his last companion, Elder Ventura (who wasn’t transferred again so he will stay here xD) and he told me about the huge difference that you did for him on the mission! I don’t know how many times you sent a letter to him, but I know that every time I saw him, he always talked about "the letter that your mom sent" but the point is that it was the only letter that he received on the mission that was personalized (he got some general to all missionary whatever stuff) and basically it made the whole difference. I gave him a watch as well (that iron man watch that everyone that runs has) and Elder Ventura said that he only ever talked the letter. He didn’t understand all of it, but to him it was the fact that somebody cared, and it practically was the ending factor that he decided to stay on the mission. So yeah, it was kinda weird but at the same time cool, ya know? He finished his mission worthy and everything (super trunky, but finished).

So thanks for the support that helped him, and many other people and you didn’t even know.
That’s about all that I really got for today. I really don’t always know what to say. Lots of things happen and to me they aren’t very interesting but to you guys it might be?

Oh hey, before I forget it would be awesome to get my patriarchal blessing thingy again. My paper is super torn and I can’t even read all of it anymore (probably cause it spends most of its time wadded up in the suitcase) but that’s not the point.
Yup, that’s the weekly news with our headline reporter,
Elder Blackford.

May your hammer be mighty.

Elder Blackford and Elder Lago (I think - Braden's labeling isn't that clear)

A toothbrush he had to show Erin and Keagan.

Zone Pyramid
Baptism of Jean (?)

Baptism of Joice

Baptism of Khayna

Elder Warner (?) and Elder Blackford


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