Tuesday, July 16, 2013

July 15th 2013 Letter

It seems every time that I respond to your email it doesn’t work out so I’ll make a new one. Photos will come next week cause I used my time right now to load the photos to CDs to give to Cleber and Glacie cause I took all the photos of the marriage, and so like yeah.

Also it is just you. I’m sending/getting emails at the same time while I’m here with other people (Lance, Dillon, Loring, Tyler) but for some reason yours isn’t workin.  xD
So Elder Warner has this transfer and 1 more now cause he accepted as well.
Yeah, it’s not really that cold, at night it’s really cold, but during the mid day it’s still as hot as crap man!
Wow the wedding and baptism was AMAZING. It was a wonderful day, and Sunday we had 4 confirmations. That was way cool as well.
We have 2 more baptisms this week, Vera and Jessica - they are a family super special. Jessica is like 25 and Vera about 50. It’s just them and Jessica’s 2 little kids that are 5 and like 1. Vera has a bunch of kids and most of them live here around Cotia in this area. She has one son who is in prison in mato grosso. It’s kinda a sad, difficult story, but Vera suffered a lot with this son, besides being ridiculously difficult as a kid, he was having some marriage problems and all that and ended up killing his wife. Vera was the one who saw the scene, and she explained it (and dad wouldn’t be able to see it, lots of blood). So he’s currently in the loony bin.  (I think he means Vera’s son and not Elder Blackford’s dad – again the train of thought jump tracks so I’m guessing at bit at the meaning).
But they are super special and she has a lot of faith, like for real. When we taught the word of wisdom, I challenged her to take her 3 bags of coffee and throw it all out. After like 5 min of talking about it she did it, opened the bags up and threw it on the ground!
So, yup yup, baptism!
We have a few other people here in the woodwork but no one super ready yet for baptism. We have a few that are in this endless situation of marriage that want to be baptized, but man why don’t people actually get married?
Also we had a few cool things this week. Last night was fireside with Pres here in Caucaia. We had a zone meeting with him, and yeah things are cool in the blue.
What a crazy week this was, but I hope you get my other e-mail that explains the other stuffs.
Uumm, I don’t remember much else so say but it’s all chill here. Just gotta keep working hard to keep baptizing. We are throwin everyone in the water that now we need more people, ahh!
Also, hey, today isn’t pday, it’s Wednesday cause we're off to the temple. Rock on!
Yeah, hope everyone is well. I really am feeling like this is the best part of the mission - where I know what to do and how to do it. My testimony is growing and my desire to do what’s right also is growing. It was really funny yesterday at lunch with Kilton. We made a rule that every sentence we said had to have scriptural reference. Man I know 500x the scriptures that I used to know, meaning like now I know 500 cause I used to know 1.  It’s pretty cool, eh?
Love and miss you guys,
Elder Blackford

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