Tuesday, July 16, 2013

July 8th 2013 Letter - RETURN DATE!

Apparently there have been some snags between Elder Blackford's email and the family email so he resent last week's email.

Wooo! Sounds like things are super busy, but no worries things are super busy here.
Lemme first give you the technical stuff.

1. Because of the mission changes and all, we would have lost more time on the mission. I went on the 7th of Dec, and would return 19th of November normally. With 2 more weeks lost, it would have been Nov 5th the end date and I was like, whoa, that’s a whole month gone – that’s not fair. So my NEW RETURN DATE IS DECEMBER 17TH. So take note to that. It’s about 95% set now, so yeah. I know it’s a little less time to stay with you guys but it’s just like Dad always said, when you start a job you gotta finish it! So return date, December 17th.
2. As far as rooming goes, I talked with Lance like a month ago via email. He said that he already got a room where he was going to live with a guy who it seems he is already engaged? So, like, he will move out after this semester. Which Lance said the plan is for me to move in there. So I will send him an email right now, cause he is like supposed to come home this month I think and then you guys contact him to get the room.
SO this week was a little crazy, lots of divisions, lots of meetings, lots of stuff.
Everything is basically set on the new mission, not tons of changes like you would think.
We had on Tuesday a meeting with all the ZLs. I gave the scriptural thought, which my thought literally became the mission scripture. So that’s something cool I can say about this mission. I gave the first thought of São Paulo Oeste and now it’s the theme. What is the scripture? DC 42:6-8 -check it out.  xD
Well, we also had a cool experience and now our entire ward is picking up more desire to baptize! Our new mission president came to Kilton’s house Saturday afternoon. Bruno had some things that the interview had to be done by the president, so that was cool. The first interview for baptism as president that he did.  =D
Then we marked a fireside with him Sunday here for our ward - woohoo!
Also the baptism of Bruno and Elaine was super amazing, next week I’ll try to get photos. But really it was super cool.
This Saturday everything is set for the wedding and baptism of Cleber and Glacie, BARBEQUE LUNCH! (but without barbeque) it just means grill right?
Yeah, so that’s about the run down. We had 13 investigators at church, and everyone is pumped for baptism. It appears we might be able to get 9 baptisms this month so were working super hard so they all happen.
I did a division with Elder Vicente this week. He’s from Cape Verde. That was a fun experience. I learned a lot about another country.
I finished the BOM completely in Portuguese -  wooohoo.
But that’s about all I got, I think.
Love everyone. Hope that it’s all chill back at home. Keep up the super good work everyone. Think of someone you know that you can invite to church this week ok?
Elder Blackford


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